An Acura Key Fob is necessary when you buy, rent, or lease a new or used Acura luxury vehicle (alternatively called a transmitter.)

Depending on the type of Acura key fob you have, there are different ways to open it. There are two major types of keys for more current Acura vehicles:

  • The Acura Smart Key 
  • The Acura Keyless Remote.

Release the physical key from the key fob before opening an “Acura Smart Key”. You can do this by pressing the tiny metal tab or button in the fob’s upper corner. Use the metal key you just pulled out of the slot to pry open the fob while holding it in your hand and inserting it back into it.

The procedure for opening an “Acura Keyless Remote” is essentially the same, except that you must use a plastic key fob rather than the metal key to pry open the remote. You need to use a screwdriver as well.

Although they might be more high tech, it’s not difficult to open the acura key fob. However, even if it may require some effort to open, use careful pressure to avoid damaging your key fob.

Keyless entry system

The entrance and security features of your car are only a small portion of the newest driver-first technology features that these luxurious cars offer. Modern keyless entry systems are available in several Acura models. This indicates that you can lock and unlock your doors and gate with the fob in your pocket or purse when you are close to your vehicle. It also has Walk Away Auto Lock, which enables your car to lock itself when you walk away. The keyless access system has a lot of configurable settings.

Key fob components

It’s essential to understand the key fob’s parts, particularly the battery or batteries used in the device. A “CR2032 Button Cell battery”, also known as a “coin battery,” is used in a wide range of Acura automobiles and is readily available from almost any over-the-counter store. Make sure you select the right replacement battery for your transmitter.

According to the model and the type of car you are managing, fobs also differ and come with various features. The Acura Keyless Remote and the Acura Smart Key are the two main categories into which they can be divided. While the smart key system only needs one battery, the keyless remote uses two.

The batteries in your fob, like any battery, need replacement 

How to open and replace Acura Keyless fob battery

Here is how replacing an Acura Keyless Remote fob:

  • Carefully remove the metal blade key that is attached to the base of the fob.
  • Push the two parts of the fob apart where the key was taken out with a small to medium-sized flat head screwdriver.
  • Discard the two outdated batteries and replace them with the two fresh batteries. Ensure that the + side is facing up when inserting the fresh batteries.
  • Reassemble the fob by connecting the two halves together once more, making sure that all edges are installed correctly.
  • Re-insert the metal blade key.

How to open and replace Acura Smart Key Fob Battery

The battery removal procedure is slightly different for the Acura Smart Key system:

  • Press the tab at the base of the fob to release the metal blade key.
  • Push the two parts of the fob apart where the key was taken out with a small to medium-sized flat head screwdriver.
  • Change the battery by taking out the old one and putting in the new one. (Confirm that the new battery is properly installed with the + side facing up.)
  • Reassemble the fob by snapping the two halves together once more, making sure that all edges are securely fastened.
  • Re-insert the metal blade key.

Replace your Acura key fob

It is best to first refer to your owner’s manual to examine specific information about your car before replacing or losing your key fob. You might require a key and key tag number in order for a new fob to work. You may get the replacement parts you need from skilled mechanics.

Where can I have an Acura key repaired?

The Acura keyfob may not lock or unlock the doors when you add it because the car does not recognize it.

You may learn how to programme a new Acura key by following the steps below.

  • Open the doors of your Acura and get inside. Make sure the trunk and hood are shut as well.
  • Set position II on the key, the dash lights should all be on, but the engine should not be started. Press the START/STOP button if it is present instead of the brake pedal.
  • On a functional keyfob, press Unlock then press the lock button on the keyfob.
  • Turn the key back one click to position I to turn off the dash lights. At this point, all dash lights will be off.
  • Three more times go through steps two through four. In other words, turn on the dash (Position II), then turn it off (Position I) by pressing the unlock button on a key fob.
  • The door locks should cycle at this point, indicating that programming mode has been activated. To programme a remote control, quickly push the lock button on each remote control. 

Note: Normally, only three remotes can be programmed.

Each of these actions must be finished in four seconds or less. Don’t give up if you experience a setback. If you try again, you succeed.

Check the functionality of all the Acura remote controls. Repeat this process one more time if you are unable to programme a new remote.

If only one remote is malfunctioning, the keyfob’s batteries might be dead.

Even the current remotes need to be programmed for keyfobs. A maximum of three (3x) remotes can be programmed. The first remote is erased when a fourth remote is programmed.

Open an Acura RDX key fob

To change the battery within an Acura RDX key fob, follow these instructions:

  • Take the actual key out of the fob.
  • After removing the key, use the key to push open the fob from the opening.
  • Replace the existing key with the new one.
  • Reassemble the key fob by pressing the two ends back together.

All done!

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