December 26, 2022

How much Water to Add to Econorm sachet?

How much water to add to the Econorm sachet?

Econorm is a probiotic medicine, recommended by physicians globally to treat diarrhea from the second day, effective in both kids and adults. You can use Econorm directly or can mix it in water or food. However, avoid heating or cooling before or after adding to food or water. For quick relief, the Econorm sachet is handy at home as well as during a trip. Taking this medicine twice daily for five days will keep you healthy and happy. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated too. If the symptoms of diarrhea do not subside after 3 days, consult the doctor. If you want to use it in water, keep reading to know how much water to add to an Econorm sachet and other relevant queries.

How much water to add to the Econorm sachet

What is the mode of action of the Econorm sachet?

Our body maintains a natural balance of good and harmful microbes. Good microbes are known as probiotics. They play an essential role in digestion, metabolism, and immune functions. Diarrhea and loose motion occur due to an imbalance of good and bad microbes. Econorm provides good microbes that help to maintain the balance of the stomach bacteria as well as act on cells in the digestive system to make them function normally.

How much water should I add to one sachet of Econorm?

You can mix it in any amount of dilution.

The most important thing is that the water should not be hot or icy cold.

How much water to add to the Econorm sachet

Why don’t you mix this medicine in hot or icy cold water?

The formulation contains living cells named “Saccharomyces boulardii”, therefore, avoid mixing them with very hot, iced, or alcoholic drinks or food.

Why should I stay hydrated while taking fhis medicine?

The Econorm does not substitute rehydration. Instead, its nothing to do with water. However, your body losses much water because of watery stools. In order to come back soon, keep yourself hydrated depending on the severity of diarrhea, age, and health state.

Does Econorm stop loose motions?

Yes, the Econorm sachet is used to treat loose motions caused due to infections or due to the use of antibiotics in both children and adults.

How long can I take the Econorm sachet?

You are advised to take these sachets for as long as your doctor has prescribed it for you, depending on your medical condition. However, this medicine is generally safe and does not cause any side effects.


Due to our lifestyle, our gut is constantly challenged due to junk food consumption, a sedentary lifestyle, antibiotic use, and pollution. Thus, an Econorm sachet mixed in water will help to maintain consistent good health of good bacteria within the gut of the body. This medicine should be taken exactly as directed by your doctor. Take it at the same time every day to maintain a constant level of this medicine in your body. 

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