How to fight? Even before we begin this blog post, let’s just say that fights are tense and unpredictable. No matter how good your timing or skill, there is always someone out there who can whoop your butt since the human body is quite brittle. Thus, do your best to avoid altercations at all costs. Fighting is only wise when it’s necessary to protect yourself from serious harm. [Related: REAL STREET FIGHTS: “MUST KNOW” WARNING SIGNS!]


This is crucial for folks who have little to no combat experience and are facing a tougher opponent when fleeing is not an option. Do not strike someone in the abdomen, despite how often you may see it in movies. You won’t be able to take the wind out of their sails if they are bigger and stronger. The majority of people have enough muscle and fat to withstand a tummy strike. Instead, aim for the kidneys, groin, throat, and eyeballs.

Stay away:

You might be a member of a boxing or martial arts gym and have some knowledge of time. In the event of a fight, be composed and pay close attention. Being alert enough to move out of the way of powerful strikes from someone stronger than you is one way to prevent injury or more serious harm. While timing is a necessary skill for this, a simple dodge-and-run manoeuvre can also work well.

Punch to the throat:

As previously said, the throat is a fantastic target. When you punch at the throat, visualize punching through the throat, and if you can, get away as soon as you finish.

No ground fighting:

Take any necessary precautions to avoid getting on the ground unless you have received training in BJJ or another grappling combat sport. You risk being crushed on top by a bigger, more powerful foe. Literally. especially if you’re standing on something hard like asphalt or cement. This is where you can avoid a terrible ground battle with a groin strike, ear rip, bite, or eye gouge.

Understand how to withstand a blow:

Mike Tyson is credited with the quote, “Everyone has a strategy until they get stuck.” Don’t let the pain or suffering from a hit overwhelm you to the point that you can no longer defend yourself or engage in combat. This does not imply that you should actively seek out arguments; never act in such a way! Training is the best method to get ready for a hit. Look for a martial arts, Muay Thai, or boxing instructor who stresses technique and timing and promotes sparring in your area. Even though you’ll be wearing protective gear, sparring will help you become used to how a hit feels.

If you are adept with a weapon, use it:

Drawing a weapon may put an end to the conflict before it starts; it is also a means of achieving equality when the odds are not in your favor or if the opposition is armed. If you’re not very skilled, be aware that your weapon might be used against you, which could result in death or serious injury.

Make a plan to attack quickly:

Once you’ve decided to fight, don’t threaten or reveal your plans. You must carry out your commitment to fight if you haven’t already, or you must find a secure exit.

To repel your opponents, use the items in your immediate vicinity:

You can accomplish your goals by, for instance, fighting one opponent while turning around to fight another.

Keep Moving:

It is simpler to surround you once you are established in a location. Take a lot of short, quick steps with your feet to keep moving around in small circles and to stay agile.

Strike first:

You must be the first to take action because it is practically impossible to protect from several directions.

Strike hard:

You must, by all means, reduce the numerical advantage of your opponents. Target trouble areas including the knees, groin, solar plexus, and temples. Even the nose can be helpful because it will temporarily blind and confuse your adversaries. Additionally, if you are familiar with pressure points, make sure to take full advantage of them.

Use cheap shots:

You are never ashamed to use your teeth, knees, or nails. You will die for your pride. Don’t be afraid to scratch your opponent’s eyes, pull their longer hair, or kick them in the crotch.

At all costs, avoid being flanked:

You are in serious peril and won’t be able to protect yourself if one or more adversaries have their hands on you.

As soon as you can, get away from the situation:

Because it’s more likely that you’ll need to win this battle than it is that you will. If there are no nearby escape options, use these combat strategies.


Prevention Strategies

Try to stop it before it starts:

The conflict begins long before a fight arises, therefore try to stop it before it starts. Interacting with the group in a confident and positive way may prevent any violence. Make an effort to avoid conflict by being kind, avoiding heated debates with individuals you don’t know well, and refraining from saying offensive things that could greatly offend those around you.

If you can, run:

Your best bet is to run away, quickly, unless you are a skilled fighter or are in a predicament from which you cannot escape. Call for assistance while you are in a public area. Running will also likely separate your attackers, increasing the likelihood that you can deal with each one separately. Run with extra caution to avoid being surrounded or running straight into a trap.

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