How to get a luxurious look for less?

We utilise our homes to set ourselves apart from others and to showcase our particular flair. If you feel it’s time to update the interior design of your home but don’t want to spend a lot of money, don’t worry! There are numerous methods to give your home a nice upgrade without breaking the bank. To get started, try some of the suggestions on this list! Here are some inexpensive methods on How to get a luxurious look for less.

Using multiple textures gives a room a polished, professional appearance

Add some puffy or quilted cushions or blankets to a leather sofa to balance out the smoothness of the leather. Add some metal accessories and books to a wooden entertainment unit to make it more intriguing and textured.

Put a huge rug in your living room

Choose a rug that takes up the majority of the space in the centre of the room. Place it in the centre of the room, with at least two legs of your couch or chairs on it. In a room with a lot of neutral colours and patterns, a rug with a striking colour or pattern might be used as a statement item.

Architectural Accentuation

Architectural components are one item that draw attention to an area. Moldings, chair rail, wainscoting, a coffered ceiling, and distinctive niches add depth and character to a room. Many luxury settings have these flourishes, which make a place appear more valuable. Moldings can be installed yourself by purchasing pre-cut pieces at home improvement stores and adding them to any room in the house.

Use baskets and attractive dishes to conceal clutter

Luxury homes aren’t known for being untidy, so keep yours hidden! Toys for pets or children should be stored in a closet or a toy basket. Place ornamental bowls in hallways to hold keys and other small items. Get rid of anything you don’t need while you’re at it!

Your lighting should be balanced

To make a place feel more sophisticated, scatter lamps throughout it. A room can feel harsh and sterile if just overhead lighting is used. Keeping a light on your entryway chest to provide a warm atmosphere, especially during the colder months of fall and winter.

How to get a luxurious look for less

Frame your photos and go big with your art

When you put a single framed 8*10 on a huge wall, it can feel a little cheap looking and out of place. Then, if you go with a gallery wall and hang numerous little frames on a wall, it can get congested and disorganised. When in doubt, go all out. To make your photo feel high-end and important, print an 8*10 right from your computer and buy a large mat to place it in a 10*13 or 16*20 frame. If you locate a work of art that speaks to you, go big. It will have a tremendous impact while remaining calm and simple.

Install some panelling

If you want to give your room a vintage look, paneling is a simple and cost-effective way to do it. You can easily find low-cost MDF paneling suppliers with a quick online search. If your walls are smooth, you can glue the panels directly to them and then paint. But if your walls are rough, you’ll need to install wooden battens first and then attach the paneling to them using glue or nails. DIY enthusiasts can even make their own paneling by using MDF sheets and strips that are readily available in most DIY stores. This can be a practical and cost-effective option.

Use porcelain to your advantage

Porcelain tiles may now pass for timber floors quite convincingly. Although the price of these highly realistic-looking tiles is still fairly high, it will decline as their popularity develops; also, they require significantly less upkeep than wood, so they may be cheaper in the long run. A porcelain wood-effect floor tile is combined with bespoke cabinetry to create a luxury but functional look.

Fill your throw pillows to capacity

Overstuffed pillows resemble costly hotel pillows. Fill throw pillow coverings with inserts that are somewhat larger than the covers. Put the throw pillows on sofas, armchairs, beds, and anyplace else you want your guests to feel like they’re in a 5-star hotel. Fill 18-inch (46-cm) throw pillow covers with 20-inch (51-cm) cushion inserts, for example:

If you don’t already have any throw pillows, purchase some cases and oversized inserts separately and add them to your home to boost up the decor.

Raise the curtains up against the wall

Taller curtains provide the appearance of a higher ceiling. Install curtain rods at the ceiling rather than directly above windows and doorways. For an even bigger effect, use long, flowing curtains.

Bring plants inside

This instantly revitalises a drab environment. Fill decorative bowls with acorns and twigs for a more rustic natural aesthetic, or place vases of flowers throughout the house for some colour. Place some interesting tropical plants in planters in spaces with lots of natural light. A bowl of artificial fruit in any room can be utilised to liven up a dull setting.

Metallic accents should be used

A simple glitzy accent piece may go a long way. Include a candle to help bounce light around. Buy a mirrored tray, add a set of brass candlesticks, utilise a silver accent in a vignette, or dig through your d├ęcor stash to see what you can spray paint instead.

Balance and Symmetry

A well-balanced space appears to be more expensive and elegant. Symmetry is a simple approach to achieve equilibrium in a room. A few examples of symmetry in a room are placing identical chairs across from one another, sconces on each side of the fireplace, and lamps of the same type and height on each side of the sofa. It is not necessary for anything to be accurate to be symmetrical. A sofa can be balanced by two chairs positioned opposite it.

Pieces of high quality

Purchase at least one high-quality item for your home. This could be the sofa in the living room. Splurge on a sofa because it is the focal point of the room. Make sure it’s of high quality, and choose a fabric that’s not just long-lasting but also luxurious. This will carry a room with less expensive furnishings.

Construct a padded headboard

Padded headboards give your bedroom a more premium appearance. Cover an existing headboard with foam or a piece of plywood or MDF board with foam. Staple the fabric of your choice over the foam, and you’ve got yourself a simple DIY padded headboard. Both chocolate-colored silk and taupe suede are luxurious-looking textiles that would look great on a padded headboard.

Install subway tile on the walls of the kitchen and bathroom

Subway tiling is an inexpensive way to add a pop of colour to your walls. Install white subway tile on your kitchen wall behind the sink and worktops for a traditional, elegant effect. Alternatively, add a colourful tile wall to your bathroom to make it stand out.


It is simpler than you think to achieve a luxurious look in your home. You may achieve a luxury and expensive-looking home on a budget with just a few improvements and important interior design features.

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