September 1, 2022

How To Get Rid Of Static Cling In Hair And Clothes

How To Get Rid Of Static Cling In Hair And Clothes

Static electricity can literally make you itch. Your normally controlled locks may appear to be on end or poised to take off when your hair becomes charged with electricity. What can you do to get rid of unpleasant flyaway frizzes when static hair has never been a trend and probably never will be? This article offers advice on how to avoid static hair in the first place and will assist in providing an answer to that concern. Let’s learn effective tips on how to get rid of static cling in hair and clothes and say goodbye to annoying static shocks!

What is static?

An object becomes static when there are too many positive or negative charges present, either inside the item or on it. The accusations must be exposed in some way. A “shock” feeling may be experienced as a result of this.

This is an illustration of static buildup: The surface you’re on is carpet. Your body and shoe are accumulating extra electrons or negative charges, despite the fact that you cannot see it. The additional charges manifest as static when you touch something else, like a doorknob or a pet.

Why does static build up in your hair?

Your hair has the same potential to accumulate electrical charges as the rest of your body.

If you wear a hat, for instance, electrons may accumulate on the hat. The negative electrons in your hat can fall off when you remove it, leaving your hair positively charged. Your hair lifts up as a result of your now-positive hairs rejecting one another like magnets.

Your hair is typically negatively charged. Positively charged hair products are a solution developed by cosmetic chemists to fight static electricity. These can balance one another out to give your hair harmony.

How to remove static cling in hair

It takes little to get rid of static in your hair. Some of these remedies are probably already present in your house.

There are numerous products that might help tame those fly away if static hair is a regular problem. Several possibilities are:

Fast Flo Cricket Static Free.

Your hair’s static charge might be decreased by using these rubber-grip, vented, lightweight brushes.

Frizz Guard Garnier Fructis Style.

Argan oil is used in this convenient anti-frizz spray to smooth hair and reduce static.

Spray for controlling static electricity by R+Co.

Your hair is softened, strengthened, and shielded from heat damage with the aid of thermal polymers, argan oil, and vitamin E while static flyaways are controlled.

Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer by Trezoro.

This potent ionic blow-dryer with 2,200 watts can combat frizz and eliminate static.

Is it possible to avoid static hair?

Using hair care products that can assist in adding positive charges to your hair is the key to reducing static electricity. Products containing amino acids, which are positively charged proteins, are frequently involved in this.

Your hair may become less staticky if you combine positively charged amino acids with negatively charged hair.

You can also avoid static in your hair by using the following advice:

Use extremely hydrating conditioners to lessen dryness

Static is easier to create in dry hair. To assist in locking in moisture, look for conditioning products that include oils or kinds of butter.

Employ a metal comb.

These combs have electrical conductivity, which aids in removing electrical debris from your hair and onto the comb. Plastic combs don’t carry electricity, thus they might make you more staticky.

Use an ionic hair dryer to dry your hair.

Hair dryers that emit negative ions are thought to help reduce water particles and smooth hair since water molecules are positively charged.

Choose headgear made of natural fibers.

Pick scarves, headbands, and hats made of wool, silk, or cotton. Compared to synthetic fibers, these don’t carry electrical charges as well. Avoid nylon and polyester as they tend to cause static more.

Apply a deep-conditioning therapy.

You may maintain the moisture in your hair by applying an avocado or coconut hair mask once per week. 

How to remove static cling in clothing

Nobody likes to experience the unpleasant sensation of having to remove clothes that has static electricity attached to it, let alone deal with apparel that will shock their skin. When clothing rubs against one another in the dryer, an electrostatic charge builds up in the fabric, causing static electricity to form. If you’re curious about how to get rid of static in clothes when doing laundry, there are some quick treatments you can try that don’t involve using dryer sheets or changing your dryer’s settings. It’s time to get rid of that bothersome cling!

Employ a wire hanger

You may have long wondered how to eliminate static with items you already have around the house. Starting with a wire hanger is ideal. Some of the electrical charge that makes your clothes attach to you can be reclaimed by a wire hanger. Before or after putting on your garment, run a clothes hanger inside it to prevent static cling. Silk works particularly well for this.

Consider fabric softener

To lessen cling, use fabric softener when washing your garments. When your garments are prepared for use, spritz a DIY version of Static Guard on issue locations by combining a tablespoon of fabric softener with water in a spray bottle.

Add dryer balls

To reduce the amount of time each item spends in contact with other items, add a few dryer balls to your next load. Aluminum foil can be crumpled into plum-sized balls as a do-it-yourself substitute.

Apply lotion

Another excellent incentive to pull out that tiny bottle of hand lotion you probably always keep in your luggage. Apply some hand lotion to the area where your clothing keeps sticking. You won’t be staticky until it dries. Handbags can benefit from lotion, too. Try these methods to de-wrinkle your clothing without an iron after learning how to eliminate static with one of these tips.

Simply add water

Add a moist cloth and continue drying on thHow To Get Rid Of Static Cling In Hair And Clothese lowest heat setting when your clothing have around ten minutes left in the dryer. Static is caused by dry air, but the moisture from the rag will keep the air moist. For additional fixes to frequent wardrobe issues, try these.

Put a safety pin on

Here’s how you use a straightforward safety pin to eliminate static. To stop static from accumulating throughout the day, that piece of metal will be able to hold some charge. Put a metal safety pin where it won’t be seen: within your clothing. Here are some informational nuggets that your dry cleaner will withhold.


Static-filled hair can be a nuisance and a source of frustration. But there are ways to control flyaway hairs and get rid of static electricity in your hair. Numerous moisturizing solutions can protect your hair and lessen breakage while assisting in the reduction of static. In an emergency, items made to prevent static in your laundry might help prevent it in your hair.

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