Flavour FOR FUN

Free fun and fancy! Move to the music and enjoy the beat!

The music is managed by one person. Everyone gets up and dances when the music starts playing. Children freeze in their last positions when the music stops until it resumes.


Music that can be manually started and stopped.


5 minutes


Movement: It keeps joints flexible to move around.
Processing and reaction to sound: Children’s capacity to receive, organise, and interpret auditory input is strengthened when they are able to focus on and process some sounds while tuning out a background or ambient sounds.
Control and concentration: Children focus on the music and react physically when it stops.
Balance: Everyday activities like sitting at a desk or climbing stairs require the ability to freeze and hold a position (static balance) as well as the capacity to maintain balance while moving (dynamic balance).


Play with a partner for kids who might not be able to move on their own so they can feel the movement. Have the partner dance along to the music while holding hands.
Just your arms or just your legs can dance.
In a seated position, dance.


Change the music’s volume. Children should slowly dance while the music is low in volume. Dance wildly and vigorously while the music is loud.
When the music stops. freeze in an animal position.

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