Applying toner might change your locks’ appearance drastically if dying them leaves them brassy. But how long should toner be left on brassy hair? Stick to this article to learn about how long to leave toner on brassy hair.

How Long Should You Leave Toners on Brassy Hair?

The length of treatment is influenced by a number of variables. The majority of patients will benefit from treatments that last anywhere from fifteen to forty-five minutes. However, you should take the following into account:

  • Initially selected colour and tone
  • Your hair’s condition
  • Instructions from the toner manufacturer
What Is Hair Toner? | Read BEFORE You Buy!
Before and after Hair Toning

What Is a Hair Toner?

A product that modifies hair colour is a hair toner. People who have gone blonde often gain the most from it, while brunettes and redheads may also find it useful.

The last step in colouring treatments is toner, which serves as a corrector while maintaining the integrity of the remaining colour. However, why would you require a corrector following a dye job? Most people’s hair contains pigments that are red and orange. These pigments are more difficult to colour with bleach and dyes, which might result in odd-looking brassy tones following a dye job. Toners are used by stylists to reduce brassiness and provide a natural look.

Additionally, because brassiness develops over time, you might wish to use a toner weeks after dying your hair. Brassiness is more common in blondes.

You lose that cold golden colour as you wash your hair and start to see warmer tones. Fortunately, the market is flooded with toners and toning shampoos that can give you a more natural appearance.

Three Kinds of Hair Toners

There are three main kinds of toner: permanent, demi-permanent, and semi-permanent. You should be aware of these before attempting to use toner at home. Let’s see how they differ from one another.


Permanent toners are the most durable of the three, as their name suggests. They also produce the biggest changes. A permanent toner can assist you if you need to totally remove the colour from your hair. But before utilizing one, go cautiously and get advice from a hairstylist.


Demi-permanent toners are the next most potent toners. The ammonia in these toners allows them to enter the hair cuticle. They offer outcomes that last for twenty to twenty-four washes.


The simplest to use at home is semi-permanent toner. Purple and blue shampoos, which are common toning products, are certainly familiar to you. They are a great place to start for anyone who wishes to use toner at home because they perform effectively but are gentle on the hair.

When Is the Most Appropriate Time to Use Toner?

The hair colorist applies toner right after your treatment when you visit a salon. You might, however, wonder if there is a good time to apply it when dyeing your hair at home. Should you use toner immediately following a hair dye job?

Following day? Following week? In most situations, utilizing a toner right after at-home bleaching will give you the best results. Since the bleach left the cuticle open, the toner may permeate it and your results will stay longer. If your hair has been overly processed, though, there is one exception. In this instance, using a permanent or demi-permanent toner immediately following colouring your hair can harm it. Wait a day or two if your hair feels flat, lifeless, and frizzy. Depending on how badly your hair has been damaged, you might even want to wait longer.

How long brassy hair should be left with toner?

It’s difficult to provide you with a precise duration for how long to leave toner on brassy hair. You will need between fifteen and forty-five minutes, as was previously specified. Some toners just need five minutes to dry!

Never go beyond 45 minutes, though, unless you want to do major damage to your hair. So how can you reduce the window of time?

Although there will be some trial and error, it is always preferable to start conservatively and carefully follow the brand’s directions. You should also take into account things like the condition of your hair and the tone you want to attain. Here are some recommendations for effective at-home toning.

Consider Your First Hair Color

The most important thing to take into account is the initial colour of your hair. How long you should let the toner sit depends on whether your hair is light or dark. Lighter hair requires less exposure to a toner for colour correction, as a general rule of thumb. Usually, darker hair need more.

Hair Care

It goes without saying that bleaching and dying your hair are harsh on it. Although most toners are not as dangerous as colouring chemicals, you should still use them carefully. Proceed with extreme caution if you believe your hair’s health has been damaged. Test a strand of hair first to determine hair health, you might want to put off making a decision altogether or seek advice from a specialist if something appears to be seriously damaged.

Read the Packaging’s Instructions

Even though the last step might seem obvious, it’s nevertheless important to highlight. How long you should leave the toner in your hair should be specified by the toner maker. Even while they might not always be able to provide you with an exact number, it never hurts to read the directions. Consequently, you made the proper toner type choice. Currently, you must learn how to use it. You should always refer to the manufacturer’s mixing directions, but generally speaking, you should combine the toner and developer in a 2:1 ratio (developer to toner).

The strand test is the next thing to do. A strand test must be done initially in order to determine treatment times and determine whether your hair can endure toning. Start a timer after applying toner to a single strand.

Make note of when the brassy tones have vanished and keep an eye on the hair. For the remainder of your treatment, use this period as a starting point. Next, incorporate the remaining mixture into your hair by using applicator brush.

Well, how long do you leave toner on brassy hair?

Treatment periods range from fifteen minutes (or less!) to a maximum of forty-five minutes. If in doubt, it’s never a bad idea to seek professional guidance at your neighborhood salon. Have fun toning!

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