Cheap synthetic hair is used to make extensions, hairpieces, and wigs. But there are certain differences between caring for your new hairpiece or extension and caring for your own hair, particularly in terms of detangling and styling. That attractive look will become a tangled disaster without adequate maintenance. To maintain the hair wearable for a long period, there are a few strategies. Continue reading to learn how to prevent synthetic hair from tangling.

Mild moisturizing

Your best buddy when it comes to synthetic hair is probably keeping it hydrated. It maintains the hair moisturized and soft while also making it simpler to handle. In this case, softly moisturizing with a cream or hair lotion is beneficial. So, what should we do when our hair becomes tangled? We moisten. Brush straight hair and use your fingers to style curly hair.

Turn the heat down

Heat is perhaps your worst enemy when it comes to fake hair. Heat and synthetic hair get along like oil and water, thus they don’t mix. Your attractive synthetic hair may become dry and unwearable due to heat damage. If you must use heat, set the temperature very low. How far will you go? If you can, use the lowest setting.

Avoid wearing wool clothing

Avoid wearing woollen clothing when wearing your gorgeous synthetic hair since wool causes considerable friction that can result in tangling and matting. So temporarily put away those gorgeous sweaters and coats. Your hair will appreciate it!

Before going to sleep, untangle, and wear a satin bonnet

You’ve just put in some incredible crochet hair. We advise detangling before bed because it helps to prevent more matting at night, making it simpler to manage the following morning. It makes a huge difference to sleep with a silk or satin hat or on a silk or satin pillowcase. These materials aid in avoiding frizz and tangling. Beautiful, dreamy sleep!

Utilize the Proper Brushes

The best way to style your curly synthetic hair is without a comb. We advise styling with your fingers! You should use a nice wide-toothed comb or hair brush to comb through straight synthetic hair. Avoid using a fine-toothed comb because it might tangle your hair as well.

Untie your hair

Finally, dear, avoid tying your hair up, especially after using a shine spray. The spray’s oil will matt the hair. If you must tie the hair, let the oil dry naturally first. Darling hair is high-end and manufactured with cutting-edge technology, which minimizes tangling.

Why does my own hair tangle less frequently than wigs?

If the hair has been severely treated or has been laid incorrectly, it is more prone to tangle. Tangling can also depend on how skillfully the wig is manufactured, if the cuticles are all pointing in the same direction, or if it has undergone chemical or colour processing. However, a wig will tangle more than your natural hair because wigs do not have your scalp’s natural oils to prevent hair from drying out and becoming tangled in itself. Due to the nature of long hair, it is more difficult to work with long hair. Your hair will look better if you take care when washing and wearing it, use the proper hair products, and are conscious that this hair will not grow back.

Tips on how to keep synthetic hair from tangling

Picking the correct materials and tools

Your synthetic wig might not work with the equipment and treatments you are currently using for your natural hair. To ensure that you purchase the appropriate brush, shampoo, or conditioner, you should take the time to conduct some research. One of the first things that springs to mind while trying to figure out how to detangle a synthetic wig is brushing. To prevent harming the synthetic fibres of their wigs, various wig makers advise using brushes and combs. This kind of tool is especially made to remove every tangle and knot without damaging the wig. Additionally, many brushes come with bobbles that’s help to protect your wig from detangling.

Wig steaming

Your synthetic wig will be able to last for a few months if you use the right supplies and products. But ultimately, every wig develops dryness, tangling, frizz, and unmanageability. You might try heating your synthetic wig to extend its longevity. Steaming can straighten out the kinks in the synthetic strands even though it involves heat, which is allegedly bad for wigs. However, if it is done in a properly controlled manner, steaming can do this.

Wash your synthetic wig well

The first step in keeping your wig always fresh is taking the proper care. The solution to the question “How to detangle a synthetic wig?” can be lot easier than you ever imagined! Sometimes all a synthetic wig needs is a thorough shampooing to become tangle-free.

If you wear a synthetic wig every day, you should have it cleaned once a week. Additionally, be sure to wash it in cool water using the appropriate wig care products. If you are unsure of how to wash synthetic wigs, another crucial step you should remember is to brush or comb your wig before washing. Spend some time using a wide-tooth comb or a good wig brush to gently untangle all of the knots. You will tangle your synthetic wig considerably more if you wash it while it still has kinks and knots in it.

Put conditioner on your synthetic wig

Your wig needs conditioner to be hydrated, just like your actual hair does. You can now condition your wig once you’ve finished shampooing it. After washing your wig, leave it damp and dab your hands with a tiny quantity of specialist conditioner. Gently rubbing it will help the conditioner penetrate the synthetic fibres. Finish the process by thoroughly rinsing your synthetic under cold running water.

We wish you best of luck in getting flawless hair after reading this article. You can own a silky, smooth synthetic wig if you use these tips. Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have in the comment section below about tangling synthetic hair.

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