How to make bigger lips?

In most societies, having a pair of bigger, plumper lips is regarded as a sign of health and beauty. Given that, it makes sense why it is such a sought-after quality! There are several options one might consider if she wants her lips to have more lustre, even if genuine lip size is ultimately decided by genetic variables. Although surgery is the only method that has been shown to dramatically increase its size, there are several other natural ways to enhance the appearance and fullness of your pout. You’ll soon be well on your way to having lips that are more stunningly brilliant! Read on to know about how to make bigger lips.

How to make bigger lipsEXFOLIATE FOR BIGGER LIPS

Step 1: Lip Exfoliation using Toothbrush

Use a toothbrush to scrub your lips. The best place to start when seeking for solutions is usually a decent DIY remedy; when it comes to skin and lip care, there is no better place to start than with exfoliation. Your lips accumulate dead skin cells much like the rest of your body and face; these reflect less light than the rest of your lips and may give the impression that your lips are smaller. Your lips will appear and feel softer after two minutes of gently brushing in small, circular motions with a toothbrush to remove the extra skin cells.

Step 2: Apply a homemade exfoliating mixture

A straightforward combination of brown sugar and honey is ideal for providing shine and moisture to lips if you’re searching for the ideal, straightforward homemade exfoliant. Get a teaspoon of brown sugar first, and then add the honey gradually until a thick paste forms. When this simple concoction is ready, gently wipe your lips with a towel after dabbing it on. The sugar’s gritty texture will remove any dead flakes, and the mixture’s advantageous chemical qualities will make your lips shine more brilliantly. If you don’t have any honey on hand or don’t like it, you can substitute coconut or olive oil. After you’ve removed the paste, apply some unscented lip balm.

Step3: Use a baking soda mixture

Try mixing a little bit of water with a teaspoon of baking soda if you’re seeking another DIY exfoliant to use. Baking soda is one of the most useful household substances, and its advantages can be tailored to apply to lip care as well. The procedure for making and using a baking soda mixture is the same as for the coconut oil:

  • First, add just enough water to make a thick paste out of the baking soda that resembles a brown sugar exfoliant.
  • Once ready, distribute the mixture over your lips by dabbing it with a washcloth or your finger. This will soften your lips and remove any accumulated dead skin.

Step 4: Washcloth

Although less sophisticated and efficient than our earlier techniques, this one nevertheless works. It’s quite easy. All you have to do is gently wipe your lips after moistening a clean washcloth with warm water. To prevent hurting your lips, take care not to rub too vigorously.


Similar to exfoliation, massages aid in enhancing blood circulation in the area where they are performed. Here are some steps for massaging your lips to make them look larger.

Step 1: Ice therapy

Anyone can do the easy trick of putting ice on their lips. Just wrap a piece of cloth in some ice before rubbing your lips. There are no side effects from massaging your lips with ice for up to 10 minutes each day.

Step 2: Lemon Juice Body Rub

For that desired pout, a mixture of lemon juice and a few drops of water will work wonders. You can make your lips swell up and get rid of grease and debris by massaging them with a mixture of lemon juice and water. This is a fantastic way to clean your pout.

Step 3: Aloe Vera Massage

The realm of health and beauty holds a particularly unique place for aloe vera. But since it offers so many solutions to common, straightforward issues, we can’t be dissatisfied about that. To absorb the antioxidants in aloe vera gel, simply massage the lips with it. This will make lips feel softer and look fuller. Aloe vera is a fantastic option if you’re older and want to prevent wrinkling because it is also good for repairing fine wrinkles.


Essential oils are wonderful and ought to be used regularly. But for the time being, the best thing about essential oils is that they are reasonably priced, generally safe, and incredibly powerful. Additionally, carrying essential oils in your purse is simple. The most crucial thing to remember about essential oils is that they must ALWAYS be diluted before internal use. Even when diluted, some oils are not advised for internal consumption. Therefore, keep those tiny bottles out of the reach of children and use caution while applying to your lips to prevent accidental ingestion. Peppermint Oil, Cinnamon Oil and Capsicum or Cayenne Pepper Oil are best for lips massage.


  1. Natural Lip Enhancement: Exercises for Plumper Lips

    Discover effective workouts to naturally increase the size of your lips. Explore exercises that not only enhance lip size but also help reduce wrinkles and tone your face. Enjoy the benefits of these exercises by observing yourself in the mirror during the routine.

  2. Comprehensive Facial Toning: Beyond Lip Enhancement

    Understand the broader impact of facial exercises. Learn how these workouts not only plump up your lips but also contribute to reducing a double chin and toning your overall facial muscles. Witness the potential to achieve a more youthful appearance through consistent exercise.

  3. Mirror Motivation: Observing Yourself for Optimal Results

    Maximize the benefits of lip and facial exercises by performing them in front of a mirror. Appreciate the motivational aspect of observing yourself during the routine, ensuring proper form and engagement for optimal results.

  4. Buddy System: Partnering Up for Fun Workouts

    Make your lip exercises enjoyable by incorporating a social element. Consider partnering with a friend or persuading your significant other to join you in these facial workouts. Discover the fun of achieving fitness goals together.

  5. Consistency is Key: Committing to Lip Workouts

    Understand the importance of commitment in lip exercises. Acknowledge that consistent daily performance for at least one to two months is crucial for noticing and maintaining the benefits. Realize that dedicating just 10 minutes a day can make a significant difference.

  6. Exercise Variety: Smiling, Kissing, Whistling, Pouting, and Rotation

    Explore a variety of lip and facial exercises, including smiling, kissing, whistling, and pouting from side to side plus rotation. Learn the specific movements and techniques involved in each exercise for a comprehensive lip and facial workout routine.

How to make bigger lips


Even if it’s not strictly a natural approach, wearing makeup can make your lips appear larger without the use of lip plumpers or undergoing surgery. The simplest approach to achieve this is by putting a lip liner that is darker than the lipstick you’re wearing, followed by a glossy layer to add shine and depth to the lipstick.

Now that we’ve covered every single technique for getting bigger, fuller lips naturally, these techniques are safe to use without causing any negative side effects. Every day, experiment with a different approach to discover which one you prefer.

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