Hats are a terrific fashion accessory that may lend a touch of refinement to a gorgeous evening attire or make a casual look more exciting. Try wearing a hat over a chic ponytail or an attractive up-do. Beachy waves with a woven cap add a playful, carefree vibe. For males, opt for a buzz cut or the always-safe slicked-back hairstyle underneath your hat. To learn more, see the following article on how to put hair in a hat.

Method 1: Putting a baseball cap over your hair

Curl up

Curly hair, regardless of length, looks sweet and flirtatiously feminine when worn with a baseball cap. If you want your curls to pop, add some style mousse, or sleep with twisted buns the night before. Let your curls fly when you wake up and put on a cute baseball cap. This is an excellent choice for the day before you have to wash your hair.

Make a loose side braid out of it

Divide your hair into three equal sections by pulling it to one side. Each strand should be braided over the others in a loose braid. Put a knot in it towards the bottom. This will produce a sweet, flowy braid that you can accessories with a baseball cap for a traditionally laid-back style.

  • For a variation on this style, consider a loose braid down the back. You might also consider a fishtail braid as an alternative.
  • Short hair will not benefit from this. Hair that is at least armpit length will look finest.
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loose side braid in a baseball cap

For guys, let the curls hang out

Do not be afraid to wear a hat even if you have curly hair. Baseball caps look adorable with curly hair coming out from under them. To prevent flyaways, apply a moisturising substance (such a gel cream).

Especially if you’re wearing the baseball cap backwards, try not to let your curly hair protrude through the hole in the rear. It can appear a little shoddy.

Create a ponytail or man bun

Guys with longer hair can still wear it under a baseball cap in a variety of ways. The low man bun that fits out the opening in the rear of the baseball cap can be created by pulling it back. Alternately, you can pull it back into a low ponytail that protrudes from the hat’s bottom.

By tying your hair in a low ponytail at the nape of your neck and to one side, you can even merge the ponytail and man bun styles into one. One final time, thread the hair through the hair tie, but only pull it halfway. This will result in a very elegant yet casual loose bun.

Method 2: Designing Casual Attire

Put on a woven hat

For a summertime style, woven hats like Panama hats are excellent. Your hair can be curled into beachy waves, braided to the side, or straightened for a more relaxed, sleek appearance. Consider wearing the woven hat with a lovely sundress or a pair of well-worn jeans.

Wear a fedora and let your ponytail protrude from it

You can create an untidy ponytail that is hidden by a lovely fedora for a cute casual look. Put your hair up in a low, loose ponytail and cover it with a fedora or another hat with a broad brim. Even a few hairs can fall from the ponytail and cover your face.

Put on loose, beachy waves and a big sun hat

Apply mousse to your hair to give it beachy waves, or if your hair is naturally curly, let it air dry. You may finish it off with a big sun hat and be set for a great summer day. If you’re concerned about the flyaways, you can use some frizz-easing product to tame them.

If your hair is naturally straight, you can add waves by braiding it while it’s still damp and letting it dry before undoing the braids. You might also use a wave iron as an alternative.

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loose, beachy waves with big sunny hat

Shorten it

The simplest approach to always get away with hat hair in men’s haircuts is to get a buzz cut that is shorter. When you take the hat off, you won’t have to worry about having awkward hat hair creases because this look works with pretty much any style of hat. Use a conditioner or hydrating shampoo that prevents dandruff if you choose to go for this appearance. Avoid getting flaky dandruff all over your hat. Girls with short hair can also pull off this look. All you need is a great hat to complete your charming, sporty look.

Method 3: Choosing More Formal Outfits

Completely straighten your hair

Straight hair is traditional and elegant. After washing your hair, use an anti-frizz serum and blow dry your hair with a round brush. Section by section, straighten your hair using a straightener until it is sleek and frizz-free. Include a flower-adorned floppy hat or a charming fedora.

Try to use a hair straightener and blow dryer on low heat. Even while it might take longer to complete the task, doing it this way will ultimately protect your hair. Apply a heat protectant product to the hair before using any type of heat for protection against heat damage.

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straight hair in hat looks elegant

Consider a charming up-do

Put your hair in a bun or a sweet semi-ponytail by twisting it. Concentrate on the specifics so that when you put the hat on, you can still see them. After carefully placing the cap on top of your up-style, leave for a classy evening.

Try out this adorable hairstyle. Take a loose ponytail as a base, twist the length, bring it back across the back of your head, and tuck the ends under.

Put your hair up in a low, stylish ponytail

Comb your hair back into a tidy ponytail using a brush. Consider doing the bottom half first, then combing back the top half and adding it to the ponytail that is already there. Make sure your ponytail’s height complements your position of hat.

For guys, slick it back

Slicked-back hair complements the majority of hat designs, whether your hair is long or short, straight or wavy. After washing it, use some hair gel and smooth it back across the top of your head and down the back. Add the hat after letting your hair air dry a little. Pomade or mousse may also work if you don’t have any gel. For an even more smooth appearance, comb or brush it back. Fedora hats go well with this style.

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