The process of removing nail polish is often the worst part. It usually takes FOREVER! And let’s not even talk about glitter nail polish! We need to get rid of Color Street immediately since nobody has time to sit around. Since you’re utilising Color Street in the first place, isn’t that why? We want to have our nails painted right now. I’ll share with you a few of my best tips for fast getting rid of Color Street! Read on to learn how to remove color street nails.

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The Clip Technique

This is most likely your more conventional approach. For good reason, nail polish fans have been using these clips for a very long time. You don’t waste a tonne of tin foil trying to wrap a cotton ball around your nail because they make removal so much simpler. This is the quickest way to get rid of Color Street. You simply need to paint your nails after applying Mineral Fusion to cotton balls. You must wait five minutes before removing them.

Removing Color Street from acrylic nails is a challenge. With the nail polish remover, you can actually regulate how saturated your nails become. As far as you can, avoid letting the remover penetrate beneath the acrylic.

The Bag Technique

This is new to all of us but it really does the trick! Additionally, you just require 1-2 Tablespoons of nail polish remover. The fact that all the mess is kept in the bag and you only have to discard that one bag after you’re finished is my favorite aspect of this procedure. Before sticking your fingers in the water, be sure to test the water’s temperature.

Instead of taking around 5 minutes with clips or even the approach below, it just took approximately 1-2 minutes to swiftly remove Color Street using this method.

Scrub & Twist Cup Technique

Color Street may be quickly removed with this technique. The cup’s interior bristles are pure love. You merely soaked your nail and twisted it against the bristles. It made glitter nail removal simple. However, acetone nail polish remover is generally included in these twist-and-scrub containers.

Some further feature a sponge inside rather than bristles. Find out which one you prefer, as they are both effective. The acrylic can get weaker if you soak it in nail paint remover for an extended period of time.

Utilizing Color Street Cleaning Pads

It isn’t as difficult as it might seem to get rid of coloured street nails.

This is a more expedient and economical method of getting rid of Coloured Street nails. Color Street remover pads can be used to remove Color Street nails. Most retailers have Color Street nail polish remover pads. They are really simple to utilise. They come in little packets. The Color Street nails on one are easily rub

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The fact that Color Street nail paint strips may be removed without the use of complicated procedures or special instruments is one of their best qualities. All that is required to remove them is nail paint remover because Color Street is made entirely of nail polish.

Acetone nail paint remover is the most effective method, however it can dry out the nails. While this procedure works, you might want to think about using a softer, non-acetone remover if you have weaker nails or nails that are prone to peeling. The removal of the nail polish will require a little more time and “elbow grease” if you decide to use a non-acetone remover. Since the non-acetone removers take longer to dissolve the polish, this is no different from how nail polish removes in general. Less harm to the nails is both an advantage and a drawback.

You can use acetone remover, but try to keep your nails from being exposed for too long. Utilize the cotton ball by unrolling it and chopping up the cotton strip. Then apply those little pieces to your fingernails after dipping them in the nail paint remover. Use another cotton ball to press down on the cotton pieces and scrub the polish off the nails after letting the first cotton ball sit on the nails for about a minute. As soon as the polish has been removed from your nails, wash your hands with soap to get rid of any acetone that may still be on your skin and nails. After that, apply cuticle oil to your nails and let it sit there for around 15 minutes. If you want to apply another layer of Color Street, wash your hands once more and then use the nail prep pad to wipe away any remaining oil. It’s also crucial to occasionally let your nails grow out without polish for a day or two. Everybody’s struggle is with this part!

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Color Street nails feature nail polish strips that are entirely formed of polish. On a single strip, the base coat, colour, and top coat are all combined. You don’t need any additional nail products when using Color Street, but it won’t matter if you use a clear coat on top or a nail strengthener underneath. Since Color Street only uses nails, you shouldn’t need to apply any additional nail care products. But if you need a top coat, you can acquire one. The strips do somewhat stretch, but not enough to cause damage.


Make sure you don’t keep the remover on for too long if you want to learn how to remove Color Street from artificial nails. Typically, to remove acrylic nails, you must first take off the shine and soak the nails for around 30 minutes in pure acetone. Fortunately, Color Street will remove considerably more quickly and preserve the acrylic intact.


There is also a method for removing Color Street without using nail paint remover. These are essentially a different kind of nail-adhesive transparent strip. On top of these strips, you add your Color Street. Afterward, you can remove Color Street without using nail paint remover when the time comes. All you have to do is use some cuticle oil and a cuticle pusher to delicately remove the cuticle from your nail.

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