Styling Chunky Loafers have long been a fantastic foundation piece for any fall wardrobe. Loafers are an excellent mid-range alternative to both sneakers and heels and may be dressed up or down. Want a more upscale shoe than a pair of sneakers? Snatch up a pair of loafers. Want to look professional but dislike wearing heels? Wear your loafers.

Your Instagram feed is probably already covered in photos of chunky loafers as the excitement for autumn is beginning to grow. These loafers, which are most frequently seen in black, are essentially a dressier flat with comfortable slip-on design and substantial soles. To transition from summer to fall fashion, the chunky loafer can be worn with or without socks. Transitional fashion is a terrific way to balance out your wardrobe’s summer materials and heavier layers with the arrival of fresh fall weather. Consider wearing light layers and deeper hues!

The loafer is a timeless style, but today’s trendy iterations with chunky soles feel fresh and contemporary. Continue reading to discover how to style clunky loafers.

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Chunky loafer

How to Style Chunky Loafers

With a Dress

The most overtly feminine look is a lovely dress set off by a pair of hefty black loafers. Early October weather feels like summer, so that’s a fantastic opportunity to re-wear that floral little dress before putting it in the back of the wardrobe. Don’t forget to coordinate your bag with your shoes!

Midi dresses, however, are equally appropriate for the fall. Longer dresses, especially those with side slits, will expose more skin while allowing the shoes to take center stage. For a feminine appearance, go for soft colours; for formal settings, go for deeper tones. Replace your black loafers with white ones for a gentler style that can easily transition to lighter seasons like spring and summer!

Along with a Bulky Sweater

Chunky loafers and chunky knit sweaters go together like bread and butter. One of our favorite fall fashions is soft, roomy knit sweaters. Wear your sweaters with your loafers, whether they are grey for the changing seasons or blue for a seaside style.

Schoolgirl Fashion

Chunky loafers are the ideal footwear for the schoolgirl aesthetic, which is extremely in for autumn. Schoolgirl necessities include neutral sweaters, navy miniskirts, and high socks. Finish off your outfit with some clunky loafers, and you’re set for class!

Wearing a cardigan

An effortlessly stylish girl look is created with a cosy cardigan and light wash denim. The foundation of this ensemble is a white shirt, trousers, and a cardigan, all of which you most likely already own. When in doubt on what to wear, this outfit combination is perfect! However, loafers work fantastic with fall staples and layers if a more traditional autumn look is more your style. The foundation of Parisian fall fashion is neutral colours like black, white, and beige, so when layering, stay with these hues for a coordinated look!

With a Matching Set

The matching set trend from the summer will continue into the fall, as predicted. Keep your linen shorts in the closet and choose heavier materials like knits and corduroy. For all kinds of autumnal events, darker fall colours and patterns go great with clunky shoes!

Try an oversized blazer set like this one for a professional look you can wear after hours! This look can be readily changed with matching separates or an enormous tan coat. Dark academic meets designer.

For a Night Out

You can wear the chunky loafer for a date night or a girls’ night out. For a more edgier look, wear your brand-new LBD with chunky loafers. Bonus points if you coordinate your jewellery and the shoe’s hardware!

How to Wear Chunky Loafers

Purchase a Neutral

Buy a pair of chunky loafers in a traditional shade like black, brown, or another neutral to get the most value for your money. No matter the formality, colour, or item in your closet, these will go with it.

Use Jeans with Straight Legs

Look for straight or slim jeans that hit at the ankle or just above. To balance your proportions with something in a straight silhouette because chunky loafers are larger.

Assort with Something Small

When it comes to wearing chunky loafers, miniskirts, leather shorts, and short dresses are definitely acceptable. Dress up these clothes for the season by including hosiery like socks or tights.

Add a Blazer

Add a blazer to your clunky loafers to dress them up. This third item looks equally good with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt as it does with a short skirt. An unbuttoned blazer and a pair of loafers can be dressed up or down depending on your mood and/or the weather with bottoms that are appropriate for the occasion. Monochromatic clothing will guarantee that you look professional and put together, but selecting shoes in a contrasting colour is an easy way to add interest.

Socked Chunky Loafers

To add a fun pop to your outfit, you can wear black socks, white socks, or even socks in a vibrant colour.

Bring Tights

Wear tights with your chunky loafers and a high-hemline during cooler weather. By adding a layer of makeup, you may obtain the warmth leggy appearance.

Using a Shaker

Over the past year or two, the sales of jackets have increased in the fashion sector as the jacket-flannel hybrid has gained popularity on social media. The substitute for outerwear, which is quite loose-fitting, is frequently layered over everything from dresses to athletic gear in place of a conventional button-down. Slipping into loafers rather than sneakers will give an otherwise laid-back look a fashion-forward touch.

With A Pair of Loose-Fitting Jeans

Although baggy jeans have officially dethroned skinnies. However, if you’re picturing mom jeans from the 1990s, reconsider. Looser-fitting denim is fashionable and doesn’t seem dowdy, and it cleans up well. The key to dressing up your pair is how you accessorise, so if you want to seem appropriate for a business lunch, put on a pair of loafers first before fastening a complementary belt. Keep in mind that matching these two things will tie everything together perfectly the next time you find yourself in a bind.

Final Thoughts

The footwear you didn’t realise you needed this fall is a pair of chunky loafers. How will you wear these colourful, modern shoes this year? Hope you got much information on how to style chunky loafers , Happy styling!

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