How to bury a dead bird?

Birds are beautiful and lovely creatures of God. When they are in a happy mood, they like to sing, talk or whistle and impart healthy and happy effects on us. Birds make strong bonds with their owners through soft chatter and wing folapping all day long. When they die, they look as beautiful as when they were alive. So instead of throwing them in the garbage, people usually give a clear burial to their pet birds. If you want to learn how to bury a dead bird then keep reading.

bury a dead bird

Choose a location to bury your lovely pet 

You can bury a bird on your own property. However, avoid burning a bird or animal in a vegetable garden. If you have cats or dogs, you may want to choose an area that they do not have access to in order to prevent them from digging the bird up.

Purchase a container to place the bird in it 

You can bury a bird without any container in an environment-friendly way or you may decide to bury the bird in a container. If you choose one, be sure that it is not made of potentially toxic materials.

Dig a hole 

It’s generally a good idea to dig a hole at least two feet deep for a grave. The deeper your hole, the lower the chances will be that a scavenger will come along and dig the bird up. Once you have placed the bird inside the grave, cover it with the dirt that you removed when digging the hole.

Mark your bird’s grave with a memento.

There are many options for marking your bird’s grave.

  • You can mark the spot with a simple stone so everyone knows where it is. Or consider making one out of wood and using paint or a marker to include a personalized message.
  • You can also purchase a kit that is typically used to make a concrete stepping stone. You can decorate the stone and write your pet’s name on it. To show extreme affection, place a statue of a bird on the grave as a memorial.

bury a dead bird

Try planting a flowering plant as a memorial 

If you don’t want to use a grave marker, but you would like to mark the grave and pay respects to the bird, consider planting a beautiful plant on the grave.

Hold a ceremony to say farewell.

If you are saying goodbye to a pet, it may help you feel more at peace if you hold a small funeral. The style of the ceremony is completely up to you.

Burial tips 

Avoid touching the bird with your bare hands.

Whether you are burying a pet bird or a wild bird, you should avoid touching it with your bare hands. It may have died of a disease that you could transmit by touching it, so be very cautious.

Wash your hands

After you have handled the bird, it’s important to wash your hands thoroughly in order to prevent spreading any germs that you may have picked up from the bird.

Report dead birds to multiple corporations 

Most of the time, it is fine to bury a wild bird on your property without reporting it, but in some cases, municipalities ask residents to report dead birds, especially during times of epidemic. If you notice large numbers of dead birds, this is definitely worth reporting.

bury a dead bird

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