How to get free pets in Adopt Me?

Adopt Me is developed by Uplift Games on the gaming platform Roblox. The game revolves around building and customizing a home, looking after pets, and making new friends with other players. However, the main focus of this game is on adopting, raising, and collecting the various virtual pets that hatch from eggs. Pets are grouped into 5 classes, that is, common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare, and legendary,  based on rarity and cost. Some pets can only be purchased with Roblox’s virtual currency, Robux. However, there are a number of different ways to get free pets in “Adopt Me”. Let’s explore!

How to play adopt me on Roblox?

When you first enter the game “Adopt Me” in Roblox, you will have 100 bucks in-game, and you have to choose whether you want to be a baby or a parent. After choosing the age you want to play, the game will automatically put you in a tutorial. The tutorial will explain to you how to

  • Change your avatar
  • Change your clothes.
  • Learn to move the furniture around and adopt a pet.

Get free pets on adopt me

Hatching a starter egg to get a free pet on Adopt Me!!

To adopt a starter pet, the tutorial will show you the way toward the nursery. When you’re at the nursery, go to the left, and you will see a place full of eggs. The egg nearest to you will be the starter egg, with a graduation hat on top of it.

The first task of your starter egg will always be to feed them. When they say they are hungry, tap on them, and click the “feed” button to feed your egg sandwich out of your backpack.

Now the egg will follow you wherever you go.

Keep track of the needs of your egg. After completing some needs, your egg will hatch into either a dog or a cat. You can click on the pet and dress it up and name it if you want. Your pet will be a common pet.

How to get free pets by trading?

Trading is a not-so-common way to get free pets in Adopt Me. However, if you have some stuff or a pet that you don’t want anymore. Then you can showcase them in your inventory to trade with the pets of other players. The trade depends upon the willingness of you and the other player.

You can trade your dog/cat for another common pet. If someone is willing to give you a pet of a higher rank, point out that the trade is unfair to them. If they don’t mind, then accept the trade call.

It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t trade your starter pet for something like a toy. As this is your first pet, you don’t want to lose it. Moreover, if you choose the parent role and you don’t have a pet, you don’t have any pet to take care of and earn money to buy new pets.

Exchange bucks to get cracked, royal, or Event pets for free

Bucks are a permanent currency used to purchase eggs that contain pets. You can buy Bucks, but they are also earned for free in a variety of ways. Using Bucks is the most common way to get free pets in Adopt Me.

Claim exclusive pets and eggs through star rewards by logging in every day

This will earn you daily rewards such as money, gifts, and even a cracked egg. You will also collect stars, which you can use for star rewards that eventually give you free pets.

Get free pets on adopt me

Complete the tasks as a child to get more money

Adopt Me automatically gives you tasks for you to complete which you can see on your screen in circles. The tasks can be showering, drinking, etc. When you complete these tasks, you will earn money, though the amount varies. Be a kid. If you are an adult, the tasks will only be for your pets. If you are a kid, you have to complete tasks for yourself and your pet, and you will earn more money. Use that money to get free pets in Adopt Me!

Get your paychecks.

If you stay in the game, you will eventually earn paychecks. The paychecks give you 20 in-game bucks, which is a lot to get free pets on Adopt Me.

Sell your pets and items. 

If you want to sell some of your pets or items because you have a lot of the same pets and items already, host a party at your house. In the party invitation, tell others that you are selling toys and items. When they go to your house, they can choose what they want to buy and pay you through the cashier. You can use that currency to get free pets.

Get a lemonade or hot dog stand.

Put lemonade or hot dog stands where people usually go. Set a cheap price to attract customers. 

Buy an ice cream truck. This way, you can sell your hot dogs and lemonade to people who need it and earn money to get free pets.

Invest in an ice cream truck 

This idea is quite similar to a hot dog or lemonade stand, but you have to obtain a trading game pass worth 350 Robux. With an ice cream truck, you can sell ice cream to players. Park your truck at places people usually go, like near the school or nursery. Attract people by turning on truck lights. Start by charging fewer bucks for ice cream and increase later up to 20 bucks. Use that bucks to get a free pet in Adopt Me!

Other rare ways to get free pets on Adopt Me!

Opening event boxes with event-exclusive currency

Exchanging event-exclusive currency for Event Pets.

Claiming a cracked egg on day 30 of daily rewards.

Logging in during special events and receiving free Eggs or temporary Pets 


  • Don’t do things like Fail trades, Trust trades, or pay them to get pets. Scammers give such offers.
  • Don’t try to scam people for getting free pets. They worked hard for it, and it hurts them.
  • Don’t beg other players for getting good free pets.
  • It’s best not to buy something such as a pet from another player as there may be a risk of getting scammed, especially if the price is too cheap.
  • Don’t trade a lower pet like an otter with a rate and limited emu. It would upset the other person.

This article is still incomplete as with each passing day, players are discovering new ways to get free pets in Adopt Me. Explore the game and let us know in the comment section the new way to get free pets.

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