How to grow grass with dogs? Expert Tips.

No doubt dogs prove your wonderful companions but not for the green turf that you want to grow in your garden. No matter how smartly you manage the daily care routine of your garden grass, the dog’s wear and tear, urine scorch, and burrowing instinct have the power to spoil the overall consequences. In this article, I’m going to give you some well-researched tips on how to grow grass with dogs and keep your dogs away from freshly grown grass without bothering them. Browse these four minutes tips before opting for artificial grass. 

grow grass with dogs

Tip # 1: Always pick deep-rooted grass species to grow with dogs

Tougher and deep-rooted grass species can withstand wear and tear caused by heavy dog traffic and have a higher chance of survival. There are also many species of grass that can resist urine damage. Some of the hearty grass species that withstand long are Tall fescue, Bermuda, perennial ryegrass, and Kentucky bluegrass. Please consider the soil type of your garden and the availability of sun before finalizing the grass species to grow grass with dogs.

Tip # 2: Use rack on bare patches before planting grass seeds

Hold a hard rack and pass over the areas that have no grass grown to get It ready for seeding. It will help to stir up the soil and make it favorable for grass to stick firmly. 

Tip # 3: Consider mixing grass seeds with potting soil to help seeds ground better and grow better

Another important factor that aids in sticking the grass seeds to the ground is potting soil. It also provides valuable nutrients to the ground that help grass seeds to grow faster. Mix a 1:1 ratio of grass seeds and potting soil before spreading in a large area. 

Tip # 4: Consider patting the seed into the soil so it sticks together

Spread this patted mixture of soil and grass seeds in the area that you want to cover with soil. Gently tamp the seeds down on the ground until the area is flat. This will assist in growing grass with dogs’ wear and tear.

Tip # 5: Keep the grass seeds moist by watering them on a daily basis

Watering the area every day keeps the soil moist and helps the grass seeds to grow faster and deeper. You can also install an automatic sprinkler system in your garden to make sure the soil around the seeds is always moist. They also help keep dogs off your lawn.

Tip # 6: Cover the grass seeds with hay or straw to lock in moisture and keep them safe

After planting the seeds, cover the area with a thin layer of hay or straw, providing some protection from the dogs. However, it cannot withstand heavy dog traffic. In this case, use other methods that are mentioned below.

Tip # 7: Consider putting a temporary barrier around your grass to help grow grass with dogs

Putting a temporary fence made of chicken wire benefits the lot in protecting the new planting area from dog traffic. 

Tip # 8: Lead your dog to a section of the yard away from newly grown grass to potty

Designate a specific area where you do not plant grass seeds. Assist your dog to that section of your lawn to pee and poop. It’s a much wise option to train your dogs rather than letting your pet use the entire lawn. 

grow grass with dogs

Tip # 9: Pick up the dog’s poop right away to stop the grass from yellowing

During your dog’s training sessions, you may encounter times when your dog does their business on your green, luscious grass! When they do, pick up the poop right away and throw it out.

Tip # 10: Water the area immediately where the dog urinates to avoid brown patch on your grass

Dog urine is very strong and is similar to a huge shot of fertilizer that is concentrated in a small area. So whenever your dog pees on your green grass, immediately flood the area with water to dilute the urine. Otherwise, it will leave behind a brown patch of dead grass instead of your lovely green patch!

Tip # 11: Embrace some beneficial lawn weeds that help to protect your turf from dog urine damage

Brown patches or dog spots on the green lawns faint the looks of your lawn’s beauty. Grow lawn weeds like clover in your lawn. They provide extra cover to your grass and help you to grass grow with dogs naturally.

Tip # 12: Keep repairing worn areas to maintain green turf

Dogs like to chase each other or their tails just to make fun. This racing leads to inevitable damage to grass cover.  So being the owner of a lawn and dogs, it’s your responsibility to take care of them. You can’t stop dogs from playing games. What you can do is repair lawn patches by reseeding deep-rooted grass seeds mixed with soil or by planting sections of turf.

Tip # 13: Create a designated dog-friendly zone to protect your garden turf

An area where your dogs can run or dig. Use dog treats to reward your dog for using the designated area. 

grow grass with dogs


It’s important to train your dogs to avoid the wear and tear of grass. However, it’s impossible to stop them from digging. So make sure that your dog gets plenty of exercise outside of your backyard. Taking them for regular walks will help to drain them out and stop them from burning off excess energy on your lawn.

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