How to make your makeup products last longer?

Placing your items in strategic locations throughout your room benefits both your skin and your money. It’s critical to think about how to preserve your makeup. Because of the high temperatures and humidity, makeup and skincare can rapidly develop mould and bacterial development when stored in your bathroom or on shelves that are directly exposed to sunlight. We discuss the most crucial elements to consider on how to make your makeup products last longer. If you’re wondering what tactics to use to help your makeup products last longer, this article is for you?

Keeping your cosmetics and skincare

Please keep your makeup in drawers and not in your bathroom. Hot shower steam can cause mould and bacteria to grow on your palettes, sponges, and brushes. Keep them as far away from the sun as possible. If you’re storing your products in clear drawers, make sure they’re not next to a window; they’re fantastic for organisation but still let UV rays in.

How to make your makeup products last longer


This game-changing makeup product is not without its drawbacks. For one thing, it can become dry or clumpy before its expiration date. The first step is to examine how you use the product. If your mascara still turns dry after three months, simply re-hydrate it to eliminate clumping. Stir in a few drops of eye drops, saline solution, or alcohol-based makeup remover, and you’re done! Allowing the mascara tube to soak for a few minutes in hot water can also assist. Just make sure the cap is tightly fastened.


There’s probably still plenty of product within the container. Cut through the tube or use a toothpick or skewer to get at it. Keep any leftover product in a clean, empty container. Better still, put a small amount of face cream or lotion to the foundation bottle and shake vigorously. You’ve got tinted moisturiser now!

Powder that is compact

Simply revive the crush compact product with rubbing alcohol (isopropyl). Make a paste with it by combining it with the powder. Using your finger or the back of a spoon, press the paste into the container. Allow the alcohol to evaporate and your product will resemble new.

This trick can also be used to fix powder eyeshadow and blush. Another option is to combine crumbled eyeshadow or an unused color with petroleum jelly to create your desired lip color.

Eye liner pencils

When stored in a damp, warm atmosphere, lip liners and eyeliners can become mushy and crumbly. Store your pencils in a cold, dry area to keep them firm. Its fine to keep them in the fridge but keep your pencil liners well covered at all times. Lipstick, nail polish and eye cream are some makeup and beauty products that can be stored in the refrigerator.


If a portion of your lipstick breaks off, use a candle or a lighter to warm the end of the broken piece. Stick it back onto the leftover lipstick and hold it together tightly for a few seconds. If your lipstick is beyond repair, simply scoop it out into a clean container and apply it with a lip brush.

Do not share

We’ve been taught that “sharing is caring,” but when it comes to makeup, the reverse is true. When your makeup comes into contact with another person’s skin, it may collect bacteria from their skin, causing your makeup to get ruined. Not only that but it may also induce allergies, which may worsen your skin.

Examine the expiration date

When purchasing new makeup, always sure to check the expiry date. Purchasing things close to their expiration date can backfire. If you are not cautious and utilise expired products, you may cause skin damage.

Maintain the cleanliness of your brushes

Makeup brushes require special care and attention because you apply items to your skin with your brushes. The product residue becomes lodged in between the bristles over time, requiring you to clean them on a regular basis.

Twice a week, wash your foundation and concealer brushes. Because your eye makeup and liner brushes do not require regular cleaning, twice a month is plenty. Dip the brush gently into the soap solution and clean it with soft hands.

Keep bacteria in mind

Bacteria can accumulate on brushes over time, regardless of how carefully you use them, so it is essential that you sterilise them on a regular basis. Wet a cotton pad with spirit and dab it on the bristles to accomplish this. When it comes to mascara, there is one extremely vital tip to remember. Do not lift and lower the mascara stick. As a result, it comes into touch with outside air, which might lead to the growth of bacteria. It is far better to rotate the brush before removing it.

Keep your products in a cool, dry place

While we agree that beauty products look nice stacked neatly on your dresser, we nonetheless recommend that you keep them in a cool, dark, and dry place. The products are at risk of contamination when left out in the open. As a result, keep them away from moisture and light.

Oil-based products are more durable

Skincare products are typically oil- or water-based. However, if you want your items to last a long time, you should go with oil-based products. You can, however, continue to utilise water-based products. Remember that water-based products are more susceptible to bacterial contamination and hence require extra caution.

Storage options

Drawer chests are perfect for storing both makeup and skincare. Drawer organisers are readily available and allow you to build dividers within based on how much space you need for each product type you own, making it easier to store and use. A beauty fridge is worth the investment for your potent serums and skin soothing treatments. The cold temperatures keep your active chemicals from oxidising, which improves the effectiveness of skin soothing and cooling gels and mists. As a general guideline, keep your fingers out of all pots and jars and scoop everything out using clean beauty spoons or spatulas. The additional humidity multiplies the danger of infection tenfold, and it’s safer even if you’ve cleansed your hands. it’s better to use a clean tool instead.

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