Black bean & salsa salad







Cook Time

60-70 Min


  • 425g/15oz canned sweetcorn kernels, drained
  • 425g/15oz canned black beans, drained
  • 200g/7oz celery, chopped
  • 100g/4oz onion, chopped
  • 50g/2oz fresh coriander, chopped
  • 175g/6oz ready-prepared salsa
  • 25ml/1fl oz red wine vinegar
  • Put the sweetcorn, beans, celery, onion and coriander in a large bowl, and mix well. Blend the salsa and vinegar together. Pour over the salad, and toss well.
  • Cover and refrigerate for at least 1 hour before serving.

Points to remember

Canned Black Beans:
If using canned black beans, drain and rinse them thoroughly under cold water to remove excess sodium.
Fresh Ingredients:
Use fresh and high-quality vegetables to enhance the flavor of the salsa.
Salsa Quality:
Ensure the salsa used is fresh and free from any signs of spoilage. Check the expiration date if using store-bought salsa.
Food Allergies:
Be mindful of any allergies to ingredients. Consider offering alternatives or omitting ingredients based on dietary restrictions.
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