Byju’s is an Indian application that offers the greatest online education. However, this app has certain issues, therefore you wish to delete it or your account. Here is a detailed explanation on how to delete Byju’s account. Byju’s is India’s best learning platform; the teachers at Byju’s will teach you in such a way that you will be the first in your class. Byju’s was established in 2011 and has its headquarters in Bangalore, which is in the Indian state of Karnataka by Divya Gokulnath and Byju Raveendran.

As a very large business, Byju’s seeks to eliminate its rivals from the market. As a very large business, Byju’s seeks to eliminate its rivals from the market. Because of this, he has acquired all of his rivals, including Whitehat Jr., Grade Up, and Aakash Institute. In order to maintain his position in the market and prevent the entry of any educational institutions or platforms, he has acquired many comparable businesses in India.

Byju founded the educational software Byju’s, which offers videos on math, science, and english topics for students in grades 5 through 12. This is the most downloaded educational app worldwide, the app has received over a million downloads.

With more than 10,000 educational video lessons, it covers 64 nations on four continents and is available in 30 different languages. Children in India can access a variety of classes, games, and interactive tools through Byju.

How to Install Byju’s App

First and foremost, you must visit the play shop. The Byju’s app will then appear in the application once you enter “Byju’s app” into the search field there. The next step is to install. You can set it up in that manner which is extremely simple.

How to Register on the Byju’s App

The Byju’s App signup process is really simple. You need to open the app first. The next step is to enter your cellphone number and select your child’s course via the app, signifies the class your child is in. You will only get teachers from there. Now, you can begin your study.

Using the Byju App, Delete Byju Account

  • You must first launch Byju’s app on your phone.
  • Once the Byju’s app has been launched, select [Account setting].
  • You must scroll down the page once you get at the account settings.
  • You can choose to [Delete account] from that menu. Clicking on it is necessary.
  • There, you must state your reasons for wanting to remove Byju’s account.
  • You must now click the [Delete my account] option in order to avoid having your account permanently terminated.
  • You can quickly remove Byju’s account from the mobile application using this way.

How to Deactivate Byju’s Account via Customer Support

  • Turn on your phone.
  • Open any browser on your smartphone.
  • Once the browser programme is opened, select the “search bar” button.
  • In the search field, type Byju’s customer service number.
  • There is customer service available at [Byju’s Customer care Number: 092413 33666].
  • You must now speak with customer service.
  • Delete Byju’s Account Request
  • That’s it for now. Your byju’s account will be terminated after 4-5 business days.

How do you permanently remove Byju’s account?

To remove Byju’s account through the app or website, follow the instructions below:

  • Connect to your Byju account.
  • Activate Account Settings.
  • On the page’s bottom, click the Delete Account link.
  • Select a cause for deletion.
  • To completely delete your account, click the orange Delete My Account button.

Alternately, you can remove the account through email by following the steps listed below:

How to delete Byju’s account via E-Mail

  • Access the email account that is connected to Byju’s
  • Send an email to
  • Send an email with the subject “Request to Delete My Byju’s Account”
  • Send an email to the company requesting that they delete your account and all of your data from their database.
  • Wait for their response and follow up as needed.

How to delete Byju’s account via Call

Delete Byju’s account with the following calls:

  • On your phone, access the dial pad.
  • Call by entering the number 09241333666.
  • Ask the customer service representative to close the account.
  • Upon being questioned, explain why you decided to delete the account.
  • Once they submit the request, the account will be deactivated soon.

Why did you delete Byju’s account?

The user may erase Byju’s account from their device for a number of reasons. It is crucial to note that because to the intense competition in the Indian market at the time Byju’s was first developed, the app was really utilised to teach children in classes 4 through 12. Byju’s broadens its curriculum and incorporates classes for the UPSC and other competitive exams. As a result, the package’s courses have increased in price.

Byju’s launched its own tablet since, as is well known, it is a very large platform that also provides you with some study material for the preparation. As a result, many young kids start using tablets, which causes parents a lot of stress. Additionally, students studying for competitive exams were unable to use the tablet to look for additional topic study materials beyond those that were already loaded onto it.

Its primary concentration is on the live lectures and sessions, just like other platforms. However, occasionally also provide the students with some old recorded movies for study.

Last Words

Sometimes people sign up for Byju’s classes, but after a while they grow dissatisfied with how the classes are going. Here, the query “Do you get a refund for the courses or not?” is raised. True is the response. If you are dissatisfied with the classes, you will receive a refund; however, you must request one prior to completing the course. Otherwise, Byju won’t issue the user a refund.

In conclusion, using your account password is the simplest approach to delete your account. Alternately, you can stop using the app on a specific device and remove all of your personal information from all of your devices.

Last but not least, if all else fails, you could ask for assistance from customer support and hope they will cooperate. It won’t be able to retrieve the account once you’ve erased it. Because the account cannot be retrieved after deletion, you should exercise caution.

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