How do you take your makeup pics or videos?

Capturing captivating makeup photos or videos requires understanding essential steps for effective application. Makeup may look different in images; without proper techniques, results can appear dull. Learn how to elevate your makeup pics or videos with these essential steps. How do you take your makeup pics or videos? Dive into the details below.


Unsurprisingly, lighting is the most common problem in many makeup shots. You’ve spent a long time perfecting your makeup, and you want it to look its best in photos or videos. Avoid direct sunlight. Don’t flash a light bulb in the subject’s face, you’ll get a glare and the intensity of the light will disperse the colour you’ve worked so hard on. By far the best option is natural light, but avoid direct sunlight as it can have the same impact as a bright light bulb. Instead, try an early or late morning or evening light, an overcast day (if shooting outside), or just an indoor shot in a room with a huge window that lets in a lot of indirect sunlight.

If you’re shooting indoors, an umbrella or a piece of white cardboard can be used to filter light from a fluorescent or incandescent light bulb.

The back camera is excellent

Whatever phone you have, the rear camera (on the opposite side of your screen) is likely to be of higher quality than the selfie camera. Place yourself in front of a mirror to check where the camera is pointed. Shooting with the back camera also allows you to keep your gaze fixed on the lens because you won’t be distracted by the screen. This results in a more engaging and professional-looking photograph or video.

Use a Tripod to take stable, sharp photographs or videos

The sharpness of your phone images is what might make them look equivalent to, if not similar to, photos shot on a DSLR. That means using a selfie stick or tripod to assist stabilise the camera.

How do you take your makeup pics or videos


When photographing a model, you want the viewers to see her cosmetics first. This is problematic if she is photographed against a busy background: avoid using traffic, vibrant flowers, intricate patterns, and so on. Try to place the subject in front of a neutral background that contrasts with the cosmetics.


The angle of the shot is less important for your coursework. You’re fine as long as your tutor can see your makeup. However, for your portfolio, you’ll want great images from unusual angles. Don’t only shoot photographs from the front. Try having your model look to the side, grin, and then maintain a serious expression on their face. Don’t be hesitant to try out your camera’s “burst mode.” Having fun with your model and a camera can result in some beautiful images!

Taking shots of eyes

Many artists make the mistake of having a model close her eyes when photographing her eye makeup. This frequently results in wrinkles or odd shadows on the model’s face. Instead, instruct the model to glance down. It will highlight the entire eyelid while maintaining the photo or video seeming quite natural.

How do you take your makeup pics or videosFocus

When capturing a specific piece up close, use your camera’s “macro” option. This setting, which is commonly represented as a flower icon in your camera’s menu, is designed to shoot up-close images while highlighting certain elements. If you’re displaying a complete look (say, bridal makeup), you’ll want to make sure you get the model’s entire face in the image.

In any case, the most crucial aspect of photographing makeup is to focus on the subject rather than the background. Most cameras feature auto-focus; all you need to know is how to use it.

Maintain your composure

Your camera must be sturdy in order to acquire a nice photo. Use your tripod if you have one! If you’re holding your camera, you can keep your hands firm by resting your elbows on a stable surface, such as a table or the back of a chair.


The resolution of your camera should be no less than “5M” (or “2592 x 1944”). This will provide you with a large enough shot to show off the makeup in detail.


Many artists will utilise photo editing software to improve the appearance of their photographs. You should attempt to avoid doing this for makeup photographs and videos.  If required, use editing software to trim images, but avoid zooming, teeth whitening, or any other filter: the photo will look highly artificial, and your viewers may wonder how much the image or video was edited. Learn everything there is to know about your camera. Take a few hundred photographs or videos with various settings to find what you like most. This varies from camera to camera!

You don’t need an expensive camera to capture beautiful photos or great videos. Any point-and-shoot digital camera can take decent photos… You might just have to work a little harder to find the ideal settings.

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Other Important Considerations

  • Understand the distinction between optical and digital zoom! A “digital zoom” is actually a “false zoom” that can degrade the clarity of your images. Avoid using it for makeup shots.
  • If you’re emailing a photo, include the original image. Don’t just copy/paste the image into your email: this drastically decreases the image’s quality and clarity.
  • The same is true when uploading a photo: upload the original picture without first pasting it into word processing software.
  • After you’ve taken your photos or videos, immediately review them on your camera. To avoid hazy photographs, zoom in as far as possible. Take several additional photographs if they aren’t crystal clear!

How do you get your makeup to look decent in front of a camera?

  • Makeup should be applied in natural light.
  • Underneath your makeup, apply a primer.
  • Make use of a full-coverage foundation.
  • Shimmery cosmetics should be avoided.
  • If you are unsure how to achieve the greatest outcomes, seek professional assistance.
  • Makeup should be practised several times before the shoot.

What video app do makeup artists use?

YouCam Video is the greatest selfie video editing app. Apply makeup, hair colour, smooth skin, and more in TikTok videos, immediately edit videos for Instagram, and add video effects for YouTube. In selfie videos, you can also alter your face, including your lips, eyes, and nose.


Makeup photography or capturing videos can help you express yourself and increase your color expertise. You’ll even improve your ability to photograph creative details. The more you practice, the easier it will be to get stunning images or videos of any type of makeup.

How do you edit your makeup photos and videos




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