Do you want to know how to play pals against each other in MultiVersus multiplayer? The following steps must be followed in order to launch the custom match and start fighting.


Any brawler has the potential to turn into a tool for you to shame your friends by crushing them in a 1v1 match. And MultiVersus is no different, so if you ever want to compete in a battle against just your friends, this instruction on how to 1v1 your friends in multiplayer in MultiVersus should be helpful.

Local multiplayer is the ideal way to settle any disputes, whether you are playing one of the stronger characters from our MultiVersus tier list or simply attempting to goof around and see who can defeat who with Velma, the Iron Giant, or Wonder Woman. Or perhaps you just want to relax and catch up? Another great location to hang together is in local multiplayer.

So continue reading for our tutorial on how to 1v1 your buddies in MultiVersus, one of the best fighting games available right now!


How to 1v1 your friends in MultiVersus

You must take the following actions in MultiVersus online in order to 1v1 your friends:

  • From the main menu, select the ‘Custom Game Lobby’ option.
  • Set your own standards and expectations.
  • Using the Plus icons on Team 2, invite your pals to join the opposing team.

And it is the proper procedure. Once your friend has been joined, you may start playing and competing to see who is the greatest by using your platform or another one (thanks to Crossplay).

There are a couple distinct things you must do in order to play locally. Check see our article on how to play local multiplayer in MultiVersus if you want to play in the same space.

Check out our guide on how to obtain Gold quickly, our ranking of the greatest MultiVersus perks, and our guides on the classes in MultiVersus for more general advice on the brawler from Player First Games.

What Options & Settings Are Available?

Finally, some players might be curious to know a little bit more about the Custom and Local Play choices. There are numerous options for customising matches, including:

  • choosing a mode (1v1, Teams, or even Free-for-all)
  • selecting the maps that will be used as the participants continue to face off in rematches selecting
  • the number of stocks (also known as lives) that each player has
  • choosing the duration of each match (Unlimited is an option)
  • Hazards can be enabled or disabled on specific stages, such as Bat Cave Picking Teams and/or
  • Team Colors.

Although compared to something like Smash Ultimate, these alternatives are still a little bit rudimentary, they completely meet all current needs. Furthermore, as the game develops and expands, Player First Games will probably introduce more possibilities.

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