How To Get Universal Pass

What Is Universal Pass?

The Indian government has made the distribution of Universal Passes digital, which can be downloaded at the website or through the Telegram Bot. It is evidence that you have received both doses of the vaccine in full and have waited the required 14 days. You must always have this certificate on you when using any public transportation or visiting any public locations.

Who Is Eligible For A Universal Travel Pass?

All adult Indian nationals who have finished the second vaccine dosage and the required 14 days afterward are eligible for the Universal Pass. It is not necessary for children to apply for this certificate.

Why Is Universal Pass Required?

Fully immunised individuals must have an online universal pass with a QR code before they can utilise public transportation, including buses, trains, airports, shopping centres, and other public locations. It serves as documentation that you have received both vaccination doses completely.

Is Universal Pass A Ticket To Travel?

A travel ticket is not included with the Universal Pass. The ticket must be purchased individually, either online or at the booking desk. Before providing the ticket, they will request that you present this certificate.

  • Purchase train tickets online
  • Online bus ticket booking

What Are The Documents Required For Universal Travel Pass

Even though you can apply and get your Pass online, you will need to have one of the following documents on you in case authorities ask for it.

  • Card Aadhar
  • voter ID
  • Certificate of Registration, Government I.D.
  • Industrial papers for a registered company
  • Mobile phone number on file

Can The Universal Pass Be Used All Across India?

Yes, you can use this pass across India. The central government accepted it after it was first implemented by the Maharashtra government. This certificate is therefore valid across India.

Is The Universal Pass Valid For Only Essential Service Workers?

Since wave 3 of COVID-19 has ended, the government has permitted all citizens to use public transportation. Travel passes are not only available to employees of critical services; anybody can design and use them.

How To Apply, Generate And Print The Pass Online 2022 For The General Public?

  1. Download the Telegram app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Search for “Mahagov” in the app’s search bar, then choose the first result, “MahaGovUniveralPass.”
    In order to start the procedure, click “Start.”
  2. Press the “Apply for Universal Pass” button.
  3. Enter the mobile number you used to receive both of your vaccinations on the Cowin website.
    The “OTP” that you received on your registered mobile phone, please enter
  4. In the grey box, your name and registration number will be visible. Toggle the grey box on.
  5. Your Covid certificate’s entire set of information will automatically appear on the screen. You must confirm by pressing “YES.”
  6. Your photo can be chosen from the gallery by clicking the PIN icon next to the search box. Make sure the aspect ratio is 4:3.
  7. Verify that your photo was posted correctly. the “Confirm Photo” button.
  8. A final confirmation with your picture and all the information from the Cowin website for making your Universal Pass will be sent to you. To confirm details, click.
  9. Click “Apply for Universal Pass” at this time.
  10. Your Pass has been successfully generated. In the chatbox, you will find a link that you may click to access your confirmed Pass.
  11. In order to finish the procedure, click “Verify.”
  12. Your Pass is now available. To obtain a copy of your Pass, click on Download. For reference in the future, you can also capture a screenshot.

How To Apply For Universal Travel Pass For Your Establishment

  1. To apply, go to and log in to the online application portal.
    Following that, you will get two options for downloading the travel guide and registering for your “property.”
  2. “Register your establishment” should be clicked.
    On the following page, the form will be visible.
  3. In this case, it’s crucial to mark all of the sub-branches in red.
    You’ll need to enter a registration number to do this. The kind of establishment, kind of establishment, picture of the registration certificate, etc.
  4. Your personal information will next need to be entered.
    Before clicking the link to signal your acceptance, you must first concur with all the terms and conditions.
  5. After clicking “Register,” you will receive a message to the mobile number you provided, letting you know that your registration was successful.


Since the implementation of COVID, it has become necessary for all Indian nationals to demonstrate that they have received both vaccine doses in full and have had 14 days to pass since receiving the second dose. For this, customers must have a printed copy of their Universal Pass or a digital copy on their smartphone.

Unrestricted entry to public spaces, such as malls, train stations, airports, gyms, and gardens, will be made possible with this card. The certificate may not be required by the authorities because of the crown, but you must always have it with you to avoid additional travel bother.

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