How To Tie Air Force Ones?

The Factory Reset Way

You may personalise the already-laced shoes in this clean design with only a few simple steps.

  1. To loosen the lace, grab the right lace end and start pulling from the centre, leaving the length of the back about an inch from the top eyelet. Continue by using the left lace.
  2. Once you’ve found a fit and style, gradually loosen the laces in the second top eyelet while also adjusting the tongue and the top eyelets.
  3. You can tie the laces or leave them unfastened, depending on your preference.

Loose Lacing Way

In the case of high-top and mid-cut Air Force One designs, loose lacing is a fantastic alternative. But we’ll show you how it appears on the traditional low-top silhouette.

  1. Make sure the lace is inserted behind the AF1 deubré tag as you pass it through the tag.
  2. To make a horizontal bar, take either end of the laces and feed it through the bottom eyelets separately.
  3. Make sure the lace ends are uniform in length and the tag remains in the centre.
  4. Through the top of the appropriate lateral-side hole, thread the medial-side lace.
  5. The top of the second inside hole should be passed through using the outside shoelace.
  6. Maintaining flat laces as you go would help you to reach the required height.
  7. Thread the laces through rather than over the very final holes at the top.
  8. Strategically loosen the tight lacing pattern as you work your way down the entire lacing system.
  9. Tighten the ankle strap and loosely knot a bow at the top.

Bar Lacing Way

Easily place a bar (well, easier).

  1. So that the laces are on the inside of the holes, thread the laces through the Air Force 1 tag at the bottom.
  2. Take the right lace and pass through the second hole on the right’s underside.
  3. Thread your left lace through the third hole on the left side.
  4. Return to your right lace and pass through the shoe hole and across the throat.
  5. To reach the third right hole, move the left lace over it horizontally.
  6. Reach down and thread the current lace on the left underside through the fourth hole on the left.
  7. The right-side lace should be threaded through the fifth right hole after skipping a hole on the right side. You can use each of those lacing sides to make horizontal bars.
  8. Right after that, take the right lace and pass it through the next-to-last right hole from the top. Threading down the left side hole straight across brings the lace across.
  9. After that, take the lace that was already on the left and pass it through the same hole through which the right lace was just threaded. Now, with both laces in the same eyestay, you should have one
  10. lace on the inside of the shoe and the other facing the outside.
  11. To make a double bar, take the lace with the outside facing up and horizontally across the lace hole.
  12. Laces should be tucked within the shoe.

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