You’ve probably heard the phrase “worth its weight in gold” used to describe something valuable. There are a variety of materials or resources that could fit this description, but it would be difficult to find one that fits gold itself better!

One of the most priceless commodities in the world, gold has long been desired and sometimes fought for. It is still quite valuable now and makes a significant contribution to the economy. Learning to sketch gold might be the greatest alternative as few of us will ever get to hold a genuine gold bar. To see how to draw one of these bars, you won’t need to break into Fort Knox because this instruction will cover it.

Enjoy this opulent step-by-step tutorial on how to draw gold in only 6 simple steps while you relax!  Let’s Start Drawing Gold and See What Happens!

How to draw gold in simple step

In this article on drawing gold, we’ll draw several bars stacked on top of one another, but for now, let’s just draw one bar. Drawing gold bars can be challenging because they are not always an exact rectangle in shape. We’ll concentrate on the bar’s general structure for the time being before adding more specifics later. You might draw a rectangle at a diagonal angle with a pencil and a ruler to make things simpler for yourself.

You can use this as a general outline before using your pen to sketch the real shape. The real corners will be rather rounded.

Additionally, the corner on the bottom left will be particularly rounded. You can then delete the pencil lines once you’re satisfied with the outline so we can continue on to next step!

How to Draw Gold - Really Easy Drawing Tutorial
image of drawing gold

Step 1 : Now, sketch some gold’s dimensions

We may give your gold drawing some more realistic dimensions by sketching a few basic lines inside of it. Draw some reasonably straight lines for the upper and side corners of the gold bar using any reference image as your guide.

The top edge will be quite lengthy, and two of the sides will also be visible. Once these lines are produced, we will surround them with numerous line details to add shading and give the surface a somewhat more textured appearance. After that, we’ll go on to step 3 to continue.

Step 2: Draw a second bar for the image

We indicated that we will be creating a little collection of these gold bars earlier in this tutorial on how to draw gold. We will create a second bar before adding some details to the original one. The first one will lean on this one, which will be behind the first bar. Then, the margins of this second bar will obviously appear slightly different because it is lying flat. Afterwards, Draw the second bar’s edges, and then, like with the first, add further shade elements to the edges. As it is more hidden, this one will have a little more shading than the prior one did.

Step 3: After that, add more bars to the illustration

Bars are still being added to this gold drawing, so keep reading! Before adding any last details or finishing touches in the following stage of the tutorial, we will begin drawing the last few bars in this step. Two other bars will appear, and they too will be flat and positioned beneath the bar you drew in the previous stage.

We will depict the bar’s short edge that is located the farthest from the observer for the time being. After that, add some shading details to what you have already sketched before beginning to design the edge of the final bar. Next, we will do the finishing touches.

Step 4: Finish up your gold drawing’s details

It’s time to wrap up the last few details of this gold drawing tutorial. Firstly, complete the final gold bar’s outline, which you began in the previous phase. This one should also include a lot of shading details! We will then add some details to the first bar you created after that bar has been drawn. On it, we’ll put the word “gold,” and at the bottom, we’ll draw “1000g” to indicate the weight.

After you’ve drawn these last few details, you can complete it by adding your own! What background do you think would be appropriate for these gold bars

Step 5: Add colour to the drawing of the gold

You already know the main colour we’ll be utilizing to colour in this gold drawing, right? However, you can alter the colours by varying the hues, as seen in our reference image.

Apparently, to make it appear more shiny, we utilized dark gold colouring with lighter highlights but by varying the art mediums you use, you can provide variety to the situation as well.

So, This image might seem much richer by mixing some paints with coloured gold markers. You might add a playful touch by sprinkling and adhering some gold glitter to the image to make it sparkle! What hues and media for the painting will you employ for this golden drawing? Than, Do this to develop your gold sketching skills.

We controlled the size of the pile using this gold drawing we made. Who’s to say it couldn’t use some more, even though this modest quantity would already be very valuable?

You can now add as much gold to the image as you desire after finishing the guide! You can fit as much information as you like on the page because the majority of people wouldn’t turn down a huge pile of gold bricks. Simply follow the instructions again, possibly adjusting some of the block angles as you go to add more blocks to the pile. While there are many other valuable items that people aspire to, gold is undoubtedly valuable. These would be entertaining to include in your gold drawing! You may add some cash or precious stones to some of the more typical instances. This would become a true treasure if jewels like these were added!

What priceless items would you like to include in the drawing?

You may even sketch a background once you’ve piled up all the treasures you can imagine as high as you like! This mass of gold, for instance, might be kept safe and secure in a vault. Making a complete drama out of it would be entertaining since you could have a burglar using a rope to descend from the ceiling. What other methods could you use to complete the scenario than that one?

Finally, you may make this gold design stand out by using a variety of fantastic art supplies, colours, and crafts! You can use a few techniques to make the gold look as spectacular as possible, which is what we want.

Even metallic pens that may provide a cool gold texture are available at some art supply stores. If you can’t find something like that, you might cover the drawing with some light gold glitter to give it a sparkly appearance.

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