How to make a bottle buddy? 

Bottle buddy is a school project name that is given to children to make them aware of the looks and biography of a person. It may be someone famous from history, or a current person. To make a bottle buddy, use a 2-liter bottle as a body and a 4″ ball of styrofoam to make a head. Then fill the bottle one-third with sand to make it stable on the table. Search for the person to learn his looks and then make the bottle look like your person. Let’s learn this in detail.

Make a buddy’s structure out of a 2 litre bottle and a styrofoam ball in seven simple steps

Step 1: Choose a coke bottle 

The shape of the coke bottle looks like a body’s shape. However, you can also use any other plastic bottle, if an empty coke bottle is not your near access. 

Step 2: Empty and wash the bottle

Empty your coke bottle and remove the plastic label. Wash and dry the bottle and lid. Allow the bottle to dry completely.

Step 3: Use sand to fill the empty bottle

Insert a funnel into the bottle and use dirt or sand or anything with weight to fill it three-quarters. The only thing is to take out the liquid because the liquid makes the bottle like a bubble head while sand does not move when we move the bottle. So fill sand to fill the bottom of your bottle buddy.

Step 4: Paste a 2×2 inch white cloth onto the bottle cap

Cut out a 2×2 inch piece of white cloth. Put your hot glue gun on the bottle top and place the cut piece of cloth on the hot glue to stick it onto the bottle cap. Hold the piece of cloth for a while till the glue is dry. If you don’t have a white piece of cloth, don’t worry, you can also make use of any other colored cloth. A piece of cloth at the neck area will give a neat look to your bottle buddy outfit. So it’s necessary.

Step 5: Paint 4 inch Styrofoam ball to make the head of your bottle buddy 

Make use of light brown, dark brown, and white colors to create the color of your famous person that is mentioned in your kid’s project. Then insert a skewer stick into the styrofoam ball. Hold the stick and dab paint the ball using the skin or sand color you made earlier by mixing the shades of brown and white. Place the ball with the inserted stick outside to air dry. 

Step 6: Attach two googly eyes and create a face pattern 

Once the head dries out, then using a hot glue gun paste two googly eyes on the styrofoam ball by holding it with the skewer stick. Mixing peach and brown colors in proportion to create a color that matches the color of your famous person’s lips. First, draw a nose and lips using a pen. Then paint the lips to finish the face pattern.

Step 7: Attach the head to the bottle cap 

Take out the skewer stick from the styrofoam ball. Then press the ball onto the soda bottle over the cap and neck section of the bottle to estimate the center of the ball. Remove the ball. Make a hole the same as the size of the bottle cap by using a butter knife. Dab hot glue into the recess, and quickly place the ball back onto the cap. Let the glue dry.

Now you will see a rough structure of a bottle buddy is ready. It’s time to add hairs, hats, and items of clothing that match your project’s famous personality.

Search the picture of a famous person on the internet 

The assignment sheet mostly said, ” make a bottle buddy of ___ person”. You can use the internet or books as resources to find out the basic outlooks of the person that is given to your kid in their project. Then, think about what else you would like to know about the person. What makes this person special or interesting? Does this person hold something or like to hold something often? What sort of clothes, shoes, and hats does He/She used to wear? If you did not find anything specific related to his looks then have deep research on his life like his qualities, achievements, awards, or inventions. You will surely get clues about his appearance that you should mimic as your kid’s bottle buddy.

Make your bottle look like your person 

You can use fabrics, sticks, hats, aluminum foil, construction paper, needles,s and thread to make your costume and props. However, if you are a kind person who is not crafty with a needle and thread, then make use of a hot glue gun to attach the clothing to make the bottle buddy look like your person. You can also use staples or safety pins to hold the fabrics in place. 

Let’s make additions to make a bottle buddy.

Step 1: Use woven thread to make hairs

You can choose between brown, black, or light-colored thick yarn to make hairs of the bottle buddy. Cut one-inch long pieces of the woven thread and start shredding it to make hairs like appearance. Then, using a hot glue gun, attach these hairs like yarn onto the styrofoam head. You can also use these threads to make the beard of the character.

Step 2: Make clothing of the bottle buddy

Mentally divide the bottle into two sections. The bottom section should be longer than the top.

  • Wrap a wide rectangular piece of cloth around the bottle for pants or skirt, and trim it to fit. Hot glue it in place.
  • Wrap a narrow rectangular piece of felt around the bottle for the shirt. Make sure to wrap the shirt felt over the piece of white cloth that you attach first to the bottle cap. Trim it to fit the bottle.
  • If desired, roll a strip of fabric to make a collar for the shirt and hot glue that in place.
  • Cut two rectangular strips of cloth the same color as the shirt felt for arms. Make sure that the strips are long enough to sit just below the collar and just over the top of the pants. Roll the fabric and hot glue it to the sides of the bottle.
  • Add clothing details to your doll’s felt clothing with permanent markers. That’s all about making a bottle buddy for the school project. Hope you enjoy reading this article.

Write a short biography about the famous person.

A biography is simply the story of a life. The biography of a historical person can tell us a lot about the particular time and place they lived in. To write a biography, search about the famous person given in the assignment sheet and Read articles about your person. You need to have at least three reliable sources. You can also take help from the internet or books as resources. Write an introduction that draws in the reader, an interesting and informative body, and a thoughtful conclusion.  Make sure to write in a simple and easy way, so your kid can understand and can explain to his/her school fellows and teacher.


School projects like “bottle buddy” may bring home nerve wrench in parents, especially if they are with non-crafty and non-innovative minds. It’s best, not to panic, have some patience, and take help from your kid’s innovative mind plus the internet to give a 2-liter bottle the looks of a famous personality.

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