I believed for a long time that beginners shouldn’t use Feet finder. Mostly because signing up for Feet finder ( Foot Finder) costs a start-up fee and is quite competitive. I had no idea that the platform was worth spending a few dollars on. Let’s check out what a fantastic feet forum it is.

What you should know about Foot finder

To be astounded by this platform’s excellent policies, you really need to understand how things operate there.

When we hear the phrase “Feet finder,” we immediately think of the act of “finding feet.” Feet finder( Foot finder) is a foot forum or specialty website where everyone can view and discuss our feet and legs. Give something attractive, in other words, if you want to draw in foot lovers.

Foot finder is what kind of a platform?

You can build your profile and sell foot content to foot fans on this e-commerce website. For individuals who are enjoying the high life and are always looking for stuff related to foot fetish, the feet forum is nothing short of a blessing.

Selling Foot Images and Foot Finder Foot Videos:

You can earn money on Feet Finder ( Foot finder) in the following ways:

  1. Selling your foot albums can bring some cash. A Feet album is a unique creation that can be purchased indefinitely.
  2. Getting paying subscribers to your Feet Finder( Foot Finder)  page is the second technique to monetize your FeetFinder page.
  3. Additionally, you can get suggestions from your followers and create unique material for it.

How do you make money using Feet finder?

Selling images of feet on Feet finder can bring in money. Simply complete the registration form, and you are ready to go. You must meet the requirements listed below in order to register with Feet finder.

  • On Feet finder, users must be at least 18 years old to register.
  • ‘A current ID card is required for verification.
  • All of the foot-related content that you will publish on Feet finder should be yours.
  • It need to be regarded as a legitimate source of income in your nation. I noticed that the majority of users are from the west side.
  • You should have a Segpay payment setup to withdraw your money if you live in the US. However, in order to receive money from abroad, I had to register with Paxum.

I was wondering about who might be willing to pay me crazy $10 or more just for photos of my feet as I went ahead and signed up for the Feet finder.

Who purchases your foot photos on Feet finder?

Well, only people who love feet respect such information. In my head, I was playing a feet queen, getting hit on and having my feet kissed by feet fetishists. However, other purchasers who might be interested in feet photographs include artists, bloggers, businesses, and modelling agencies.

I woke up from this dream realizing that my account has been validated. Nothing could now stop me from creating an account on the website. I was ecstatic to close my first deal with foot fetishists.

Is Feet finder a legitimate website to earn money on?

From more than 600 reviews, the feet forum has received 4.8 stars on Trustpilot. I wanted to be certain of that before putting my feet into it. It is a legitimate website for you to earn money, is the answer, which is yes. The website is simple to use for both sides, and there is a third-party payment option to avoid any hiccups or problems with sending money to a website that promotes foot fetish.

Feet finder ( Foot finder) has launched a new feature that requires vendors to purchase subscriptions in order to further keep things legal. The feet forum was able to sort out a lot of merchants who relied on luck rather than exerting themselves.

In other words, it’s not simply a platform that benefits sellers; it has also established an authentic environment for buyers, which ultimately aids in generating more sales.

What are a few of the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing Feet finder?

Benefits of Feet Finder( Foot finder)

  • Creators can earn 10% of their earnings through the referral scheme offered by Feetfinder.
  • Due to the stringent verification procedures on the foot forum, you can only communicate with actual purchasers.
  • The platform is only for people who are into feet. Compared to other general platforms, you have more opportunities to win over foot lovers.
  • The two authorised payment options for domestic and international transactions are Segpay and Paxum.
  • Feetfinder makes sure to explore all options to keep you connected to the platform. If you frequently engage with the site on its social media accounts, it purchases part of the foot content that is featured on your profile.
  • Additionally, Feetfinder offers giveaways to active vendors once per week.
  • They market their top sellers and use the commission money for advertising.
  • For developers, Feetfinder offers a 14-day trial period; if it’s not what you were looking for, you can obtain a refund.
  • It seems that Feetfinder has a solid reputation. If any users write unfavourable reviews, the site replies right away and assists them in resolving their problems.


  • Unfortunately, there isn’t a user-designed app for it. You cannot discover it on any app store because it is a website for feet fetishists.
  • You must also upload a selfie of yourself holding your ID card. Not everyone finds it comfortable.
  • Without producing any sales, no one is easily persuaded to purchase a membership.
  • According to rules, it takes five days to verify your account.
  • The app appears to only approve users from the west side.

Is it profitable to use Feetfinder to sell photos of feet?

My personal experience would definitely say yes! The people who created Feet finder make more than $300 each month. $22 per square foot is the typical income. At the outset of your career, you cannot immediately join that rate. To increase sales, $5–$10 per foot photo seems realistic.

To find statistics about the traffic to this page, I have also browsed a number of other websites. Around 4.2 million people have visited Feet finder, a 26.89% increase from the previous month.

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