If you’re fortunate (and take good care of your car), it’s possible that you won’t need to jumpstart a car for many years. You’ll be glad you know how to do it if you ever need to jump-start your own vehicle.

You might be stuck for hours if you don’t know how. Don’t let this vital ability slip your mind.


Place the vehicles close together but not in contact. Ensure that both vehicles are shut off entirely.


Locate the batteries by lifting the hoods. Verify that the jumper cables are untangled and unwound.


Connect the red (+) clamp to the dead battery’s positive terminal. Next, connect the red (+) clamp to the working battery’s positive terminal. Attach the black (-) clamp to the active battery’s negative terminal. Last but not least, fasten the remaining black (-) to a dead car’s unpainted metal surface.

Start ‘er up

Activate the working vehicle. Fire up the dead car.


In the reverse order that they were attached, unplug the cables.

Let ‘er run

Allow the car’s engine to run for a few minutes at least, or if possible, drive for at least 15 minutes.

This was the complete guide of how can you jump start a car. This article will help you if you are stuck in some place when you don’t know how can you jump start a car.

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