December 28, 2022

How to Lock fishing Reels on a Car Roof?

How to lock fishing reels on a car roof?

The fishing reels are very intricate and delicate pieces of equipment attached to fishing rods. They have a wide variety of fishing applications, ranging from ultra-light freshwater fishing to heavy saltwater fishing. Fishing rods are meant to bend, not break. Tossing them into vehicles before going for a fishing journey, can damage their intricate parts, tangle lines, or snag hooks. That’s why it’s important for you to lock your fishing reels securely on the car roof or invest in a good fishing rod holder for your car or truck when you’re transporting them from home to your preferred body of water. Have a look at the following options. Hope you find the best one for you.

lock fishing reels on a car roof

Use bungee cords to lock fishing reels on the car roof 

You’re going to need a roof rack and three bungee cords.

Car roof rack:

You don’t want your rods bouncing up and down and scratching the paint of the car while you drive. The best way to avoid this from happening is to make sure that there is plenty of room between the top of the car and where you are going to secure your fishing rods. A good set of roof racks will give you the clearance you need between your car roof and your fishing rods. If your car doesn’t come with a roof rack, then head on down to your local hardware store and pick some up.

Bungee cords:

You’re going to need at least three bungee cords to secure your rods to your roof racks. You may be tempted to use rope, but bungee cords are much better for this job. Bungee Cords are soft and stretchy and won’t damage the paint on your car like rope will.

Make a fishing rod bundle

  • Remove any artificial lures from your fishing poles.
  • This will help you transport your fishing poles safely and securely. 
  • Tie the fishing rods together in a bundle.
  • Firstly, tie your rods together with a bungee cord at the handle below where the reel sits. This is the strongest part of the fishing rod and you will not damage your rods by working in this area.
  • Keep wrapping the bungee cable around each rod handle, then around the bunch of rods themselves.
  • Now put your fishing rod bundle up on your roof rack.

Safely attach the bundle of fishing rods to your roof racks:

First, set your fishing rod bundle on the side of the roof rack with the handle end facing forward. Then, use bungee cords to tie the front and back end of the fishing pole bundle to the roof rack.

Tighten the bungee cords to keep the fishing poles in place.

Note: Make sure the bungee cords have a rigid hold, but avoid tightening the cords so tight that your fishing poles bend. Bending the fishing poles might cause them to snap or break.

Invest in rod holders to lock fish reels securely on the car roof

A good vehicle-mounted fish rod holder keeps your fishing rod protected and separate from that can conspire to do damage to your precious and pricey fishing rod. Most vehicle-mounted rod holders are one of two types:

  1. Enclosed cases 
  2. Open racks are usually secured with some kind of strap or clamp.

lock fishing reels on a car roof

Car roof mount style open racks 

Fishing trips are meant to be relaxing. So take a deep breath and bring in home open racks gears to hold fishing reels securely. They consist of a unique molded locking mechanism that is made of weather-resistant materials that can withstand corrosion as well as damaging UV rays. Moreover, they sit low on your car roof and do not add much extra weight. So worry about your trip instead of your fishing gear!

Car roof mount style fishing rod holders

If you want more security and budget is not a problem, then rooftop fishing rod holders are the perfect option for any fisherman. These are simple aluminum hard cases and can hold two to six rods depending on the price and size. Conveniently, the case has one door with one included lock, but separate internal compartments keep the rods from bumping each other during the journey to the fishing point.

DIY: Car roof fishing rod holder to lock fishing reels on a car roof 

Purchase a PVC pipe to store rods

Choose the size of PVC pipe according to your need to store multiple fishing rods at a time on the roof of your car.

Purchase a conduit carrier kit to convert the PVC pipe into a rod holder.

This kit contains two end caps that you can attach to the ends of your PVC pipe to keep your fishing rods safe inside. It also includes 4 U-bolts to connect the pipe to your roof rack. Plus contain all the necessary screws to secure the pipe in place. Opt for one that matches the dimensions of your PVC pipe.

Mark the pipe and cut using a hack saw 

First, hold your fishing pole against the pipe to decide how much you need to cut. Then, mark the pipe with a marker slightly longer than your fishing rod. Now, cut the PVC pipe using a hack saw at the location you marked with a pen. You can spray-paint the pipe, in the color you like.

Secure the end caps 

Drill a screw through the premade holes to secure the end caps on either side of the PVC pipe.

Screw 4 U-bolts 

It’s time to secure the pipe onto your car roof rack. To do so, put the pipe on top of your roof rack. Then, place one of the U-bolts over the pipe and screw the nuts to keep the U-bolt held securely to your roof rack. Repeat this step for each U-bolt along the whole length of the pipe.

Your car roof fishing rod holder is ready to lock fishing reels securely on the car roof.


A fishing rod only works right if it remains straight and strong. Any bends or cracks in the rod impact the integrity of the pole, and when you least expect it, it could break under the pressure of hauling in a nice-sized fish. That’s why it’s perfect to lock the fishing reels on the car roof to avoid any damage due to passengers, pets, or car doors when you’re transporting them from home to your preferred body of water.

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