How to take off peloton shoes?

Peloton shoes are the kind of shoes that you need to ride on a peloton bike. No doubt, there are many other brands except peloton that are offering shoes that can be used as cycling shoes on peloton bikes. Some of them are better. However, the comfort, durability,  and compatibility with cycling bikes that these shoes provide are far better than any other branded cycling shoes. Let’s kick in the article about how to take off peloton shoes normally and when stuck. But first, you should know the parts of shoes to take them off properly.

Parts of peloton shoes:

  1. These indoor cycling shoes come with a breathable upper that is designed in keeping with the signature black, white, and red of the brand itself. 
  2. A mesh vent on the base provides ventilation of air through the shoes. 
  3. A quick ratchet clip. To open it press the button of the buckle and wait for it to snap open. Once open you can adjust the straps to take on or take off your peloton shoes.
  4. Hook and loop strap that you can also adjust to get a perfect fit for your foot.
  5. Peloton shoes also come packed with Look Delta cleats which you can affix to the hard bottom of your shoes with the help of a hex key. It is important to install the cleats when you assemble your shoes.

How to take off Peloton shoes normally?

As you finish your workout, it’s time to take off your shoes.

Step 1: Stop pedaling

In order to stop your bike, stop pedaling. It’s recommended that you should gradually reduce the speed of pedaling until the peloton bike stops.

STEP 2: Set the pedal at 6’0 clock position using the resistance knob

Now it’s to unclip your shoes from your bike. Get the pedal to a 6 o’clock position with your dominant foot and twist the resistance knob. Twisting the resistance knob helps cease the movement of the pedals while unclipping.

STEP 3: Unclip your dominant feet with a slight flick

To clip out, twist and kick your heels outwards with moderate force. It’s perfectly normal to feel a bit of resistance from your shoe while uncling as it was securely clipped to the bike.

Step 4: Unclip your other feet 

As your one foot is free, you can get off your bike. But the other feet are still on the other pedal. Repeat the unclipping by twisting and kicking out the heel. Now you are completely free of your peloton bike.

STEP 5: Sit adjacent to your peloton bike

You are free from the peloton bike, but not from your shoes. Experts recommend not walking in your peloton shoes. As it not only damages your bike mat but also you may end up falling and causing injury to your foot. So, sitting on the mat beside your bike is a smart move. 

Step 6: Lose the shoe closure to take off your peloton shoes 

  • First, you have to lose your straps by pressing the button of the buckle and then wait for it to snap open. Once the buckle is open, you can unstrap them. 
  • Next, pull the strap gradually until you have the right space to take off your peloton shoes comfortably.
  • Repeat this with your remaining foot and you are free from your shoes too.

STEP 7: Wear spare shoes to walk out of the room

You can then wear your spare shoes from the workout room.

How to take Peloton shoes off when stuck?

take off peloton shoes

If you are facing trouble and are unable to unclip your shoes, it means these get stuck on the pedals. It mostly happens when the cleats are not fastened properly or when the cleats get loosened over many cycling sessions. Whatever the problem, follow these simple steps to take off your shoes when they are stuck in the pedals.

STEP 1: Take your feet out of your shoes

Press the resistance knob with one hand to cease the pedal movement. Use your other hand to lose the shoe closure to take off your shoes. Then did the same with your other feet.  

STEP 2: Set the pedal at the 12 o’clock position by twisting the resistance knob

Once you remove the feet from your peloton shoes, sit beside your bike. Move the pedal with the stuck shoes to the 12 o’clock position and turn the knob to the extreme right. This will cease any free movement of the pedals.

STEP 3: Locate the tension screw on the bottom of the pedals 

After locating the screws, loosen them slightly by using the hex key that comes in packaging with the peloton shoes. Keep on turning the key anticlockwise to loosen the tension screws until the peloton shoes are loose enough to free.

Note: Peloton does not recommend loosening the tension screws as it can injure your feet or can break your bike’s pedals during workout sessions. So, if you have to loosen the tension screws, only do so slightly and tighten them back after loosening them.


When you’re done working out on your Peloton bike, taking off your Peloton shoes may not be as easy as putting them on. It’s important to remember, peloton shoes aren’t your typical day-to-day footwear, and unclipping them can be a little technical. When you first get your bike in your shoes, it will be a lot stiffer and harder. However, regular use makes them less stiff and soon will become second nature.

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