A tidy, well-organized closet is the best: Your morning routine is simplified, and you have an excuse to increase the size of your wardrobe thanks to the additional room (or at least reimagine it with new combinations now that you can actually see everything clearly). And it begins with a potent design strategy or the intelligent utilization of your current space. Therefore, you are in the ideal place if you wish to maximize your available area. Get ready, set, and prepare. Read on to know further about how to organize a closet.

Steps on how to organize a closet

Step 1: Clean your bedroom’s closet

Decluttering the space has always been one of the first tasks in this challenge, and this week is no exception. Of course, what often occurs is that closets end up serving as storage spaces for a variety of items that you don’t know what to do with in addition to just clothes. If this describes your scenario, you should probably spend the most of this week clearing out your closet, cleaning, organizing, giving, relocating goods inside your home, etc.

Although it might seem like you want to skip this initial step and get right to arranging, clutter cannot be organized.

Step 2: Evaluate your closet storage space after clearing everything out

I advised not pulling everything out of your closet while decluttering earlier in the first phase of the Organize Closet Challenge, and I still stand by that suggestion.

To begin the organization process, though, your closet needs to be fully empty after you’ve decluttered it. As you remove items from your closet, group similar items together so you can count how many of each category you have an estimate how much space each one will occupy. This will enable you to validate that you have the appropriate styles and dimensions of closet storage options for the items you own and want to maintain. When the closet is totally empty, you may take a closer look at the room, check to see if you missed any debris, clear out extra hangers, etc., and evaluate the available space.

I’m in wonder of how much stuff can actually fit in a closet with organization while yet being easily accessible. The third step of the Organize Closet Challenge is where we’ll focus on making the most of every square inch of available space.

Step 3: Adjust Your Closet Storage Options by Adding or Removing Items

To accommodate the goods you want to store in your closet, the next step in the Organize Closet Challenge is to add or reorganize storage alternatives within your closet.

There isn’t a closet organization system that works for everyone. Instead, you should decide what works best for the size, shape, and contents of your storage area. Use what you already have before purchasing closet organizer kits and systems because you probably already have items lying around your house that may be used as organizers.

You want to make the most of the space in your closet from top to bottom, keeping in mind that the goods you use the most should be kept in the areas that are the easiest to obtain.

Here are some of my favorite solutions you should consider:

  • Storage bins, particularly for holding little goods
  • Additional shelving, especially flexible shelving, will help you maximise the space you have when your needs for the objects you’re storing change.
  • Closet shelf dividers help divide up different sections of your shelf and prevent stacked goods from falling on top of other stacks
  • Dividers that hang vertically
  • Additional or dual closet rods (such as the closet doubler shown to the right, above)
  • Pegs and hooks, particularly on the door
  • Adding storage where there was none before using over-the-door storage options like shoe or purse racks.

Step 4: Reorganize everything in your bedroom closet

As the last step of the Organize Closet Challenge, proceed to put everything back into your closet after your storage systems are in place. The secret is to group comparable items together so that you can quickly discover what you need (and remind yourself of what you already have) and get dressed each day.

Step 5: Include a dresser and a mirror   

Move your furniture inside and place a large mirror on top if you’re fortunate enough to have a walk-in closet. It will free up your bedroom space and transform the closet into a fully functional station where you can get ready every morning with everything at your fingertips.

Step 6: Employ office organizers

Invent new ways to store things on shelves. Magazine folders actually make the perfect form for holding purses, wristlets, jewellery, and other items. That makes room on your vanity table or desk available.

Step 7: Organize consciously

Setting up your closet into zones based on how you imagine your clothing is the best approach to arrange it. Do you consider the occasion, the style of clothing, or the season when getting dressed, for instance? Make sure to arrange your clothing accordingly.

Step 8: Keep seasonal items to a minimum

Put seasonal goods in baskets, such as winter clothing or bathing suits. Then, just switch which baskets are on which shelves as the seasons change. Move cold-weather clothing to lower shelves and warm-weather clothing to higher shelves in the fall. Do the opposite in the spring.

Step 9: Label each item    

If you use bins or baskets to organize smaller objects and accessories, make sure to carefully label everything so you will always know where to look for what you need. Since you can mark all the various sizes inside the drawers, it’s also a terrific method to keep track of baby clothes.

Step 10: Improve Your Folding Skills

Learning superior folding and hanging techniques and implementing them in your wardrobe is another important tip for maximizing space. Some fundamental techniques include slipping small purses or bags inside larger ones and tucking bras inside of each other to maximize drawer space. Another useful hint is to arrange shirts and sweaters in a drawer by vertical folding rather than piling.

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