How to build Your Spirit Man?

Building your spirit, often referred to as developing your spiritual self or spirit man, involves a personal journey of self-discovery, mindfulness, and connection to a higher purpose. This guide on how to build your spirit man will help you towards a more fulfilling and enlightened life.


In Romans 8:6-10 it says, “The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.” (NIV)

The three components of our creation are the spirit, soul, and body. The part of you that is visible to the naked eye on the outside is your body. Your thoughts, feelings, will, and attitudes make up your soul. While the part of you that is hidden inside and has access to God is your spirit. Since God is a spirit and we were made in his likeness, our spirits must take charge since we are both spirit beings.

One can either have a carnal or spiritual mindset. The spirit of God guides those who are spiritually minded, but the body leads those who are carnally minded.

Even if we are followers of Christ, there are occasions when we succumb to our flesh. We occasionally succumb to temptations because of our sinful nature, so you need to learn how to develop a strong spirit. See, we communicate with God through our spirits.

Your spirit is the lamp of God; it needs to be strong so that it can take the lead. (Proverbs 20:27)

What exactly are strong spirit?

It is a person who has faith in God. A robust spirit is overflowing with God’s joy, love, and serenity. It constantly has an upbeat attitude and is prepared to meet any challenge.

Christians must be strong in the spirit if they are to hold fast to their faith and follow the road that God has outlined for them. You can overcome many obstacles and weather life’s storms by having a strong spirit.

Can one build a strong spirit?

Yes, the actions listed below help us develop a strong spirit.

  • Put God first

You are the lamp of God, and He is the oil that keeps the lamp burning. Giving God first place enables him to act through your spirit, which helps you develop a powerful inner being. But when you prioritize yourself, your spirit weakens, and you end up with a carnal mindset. When that occurs, you let the enemy take control of your life.

You may be let down by some things and experience worry or anxiety as a result. Fear and anxiety will make you physically and spiritually weak if they are not controlled. However, you will be able to face your fears and build strength when you put God first.

How do you prioritize God?

  • Before you take any action in life, seek God first.
  • Even if what He says doesn’t make sense, go with it.
  • Keep His word.
  • Through praising and worshiping God despite hardship.

Feed the Word of God to your spirit.

Your spirit will either grow strong or weak depending on what you feed it. You’ll develop a low spirit if you spend the majority of your time watching or listening to bad news. Why? Negative experiences will damage your inner self and ruin your heart. However, you can develop a strong spirit that can survive adversity if you consistently feed it the word of God.

Similar to how bread is fuel for your body, the Bible is food for your spirit. Being a spirit man, you must follow the guidance of the spirit. You must, however, spend time reading God’s word if you want it to happen. In order for your spirit to remain strong at all times, keep feeding it with God’s word. 

Be deliberate in your desire for God.

There will be times when you don’t feel like giving God praise and worship. You must be deliberate in these situations if you want to maintain your strength. Do not put off giving praise and adoration until you are moved. Do it now.

A day will come where you will be like the Psalmist, who was thirsty for the living God and pondered where he could find him. The more you do this, the more your spirit will grow to thirst for God.

Pray to God for assistance

There are moments when we read the Bible, pray, and yet still experience internal conflict. Life’s problems can occasionally appear to be more authentic than God’s truth. We feel weak because it seems as though our prayers are not being heard. Ask God for assistance if you are going through a challenging period and feel weak inside. He has the ability to fortify you from the inside out so that you can maintain your faith even in the midst of difficulties.

Put your spirit to work

The same way we exercise our physical muscles, we also need to exercise our spiritual muscles. Actually, the Bible teaches that developing our spiritual muscles is more significant than developing our physical ones. So, it’s important to take building a strong spirit seriously.

Now, you must work out for weeks or months before you reach your desired weight loss or muscle-building results. For your spirit, the same is true. Without self-control and perseverance, you cannot develop a strong spirit.

What are your spiritual exercises?

The Bible commands us to put the message into practice and not only hear it. Implement what you learn from the holy books.

For instance, if there is someone you haven’t forgiven, put God’s word into action by doing so right now. Although it is difficult, it is better to follow orders. Not only will forgiving someone who has wronged you improve your relationship, but it will also release you from the weight of bitterness, which impure your spirit.

Sing in tongues while pleading

As a spirit, God requires that people who worship him do so in spirit and truth. Speaking God’s language when you sing and pray in tongues. Not only that, but you are conversing directly with God. 

Another important point to remember is that when we pray and sing in tongues, we have access to God’s secrets. We grow in spiritual strength as we gain a deeper understanding of God. Our relationship with God is further strengthened by singing and praying in the spirit.

If you have received the Holy Spirit through baptism, do not only pray in English or your native tongue. Include singing in tongues while praying in your daily prayer routine. Initially, you could feel ridiculous doing that, but keep going even if the other mocks you. Continue to sing and pray, and you will eventually become used to it and grow stronger in the spirit. 


Because you are a spiritual being who is at war with the flesh and needs to build your Spirit Man. A resilient spirit will help you maintain your composure under trying circumstances. Make it a habit to reflect on God’s word every day. Put God first at all times, pray, sing in tongues, and spend solitary time with God so you can hear what He is saying to you. When you feel weak inside, ask God for strength; He loves you without condition. God accepts you as you are, loves you completely, and is willing to give you the power you need.

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