How to close a gift bag without Tape

Not all of us have the skill to properly wrap presents. We fail to achieve such sharp corners and lines, so the present we produce is congested and strange-looking. For people like us, a gift bag makes more sense. However, many people believe that unwrapping a present package might be somewhat depressing. Let’s dive in to learn how to close a gift bag without tape, using creative and tidy methods for a polished presentation.

People become quite excited when they rip something open to uncover what is within. Simply put, opening a present that has been securely packed is not the same as peering into an open bag. 

With just a sheet of paper and your fingertips, you can wrap almost anything.

  • Without using tape, there are a few other ways to seal a present bag. Another alternative is to use a stapler. One approach is to use a paperclip or ribbon.
  • The bottom of the opening should now be facing you as you flip the gift bag over.
  • Put the slack flaps on the sides of the product in place and fold the top of the bag two or three times so that it is flat against the bag.
  • If the present bag is small enough, you can just fold the top over and secure it with a paperclip. 

You can use strings to seal gift bag 

People will be happy to learn that there is a hack to make this happen if they don’t want to wrap things the conventional way but still want the thrill of opening a wrapped gift. Recently a video became popular after someone demonstrated how simple it is to close a gift bag by using strings.

While many individuals thought this approach was eye-opening and altered the way we view gift bags, others weren’t too fond of it. You can close your present bag in these three simple steps to determine whether or not you like the technique:

  • Pulling inward on the bag’s strings will make them longer on the inside while tightening the strings on the outside edge.
  • Pull the edges of the strings through the holes on the opposite side. As an illustration, the edge of the string in your left hand will pass through the hole and land in your right hand. similar for both trims.
  • As you tighten the outside thread, you will notice the bag closing as you do so.

Putting a ribbon or thread on the handles of your present bag to close it

If you’ve tried this method and didn’t like it, another choice is to knot the ribbons of the present bags together using attractive ribbons or thread. A person only needs to pull on the ribbon or thread to separate the handles from one another, making it simple for them to open the gift.

Your gift bag will look more stunning and gorgeous if you select a lovely ribbon or string that matches it. To give your gifts an even more unique touch, you can make customized ribbons.

You might try other alternative ideas for more thrilling gift wrapping if you have tried both of these approaches and still feel that they lack the excitement factor for unwrapping presents.

Sticker seals for packages

Another excellent alternative to tapes that taint your gift’s presentation is seal stickers. Different adhesive types, sizes, forms, and designs are available for seal stickers. Stickers with a rectangular flower pattern complement a variety of gift bag styles. You can attach notes to the present bag using clear adhesive seal stickers. Stickers are fantastic since they are simple to use. On stickers that are not overly sticky, adhesive glue can also be used. Stickers should be applied on gift bags with handles near the bag’s mouth, in the space between the handles. After putting the gift inside, fold the bag into any pattern of your choosing, or use small gift bags without handles. Before sticking a sticker at the center of the fold, press the fold flat with an iron on low heat.

Additional Gift-wrapping options

There are other ways to make your presents appear amazing, which will please those of us who aren’t excellent at using wrapping paper and adhesive. You can attempt these lovely ways to make your gifts eye-catching and interesting if you don’t have a gift bag on hand or you want to try something different.

  • Fabric covering

Try using a beautiful piece of fabric you have lying around to wrap your next fantastic gift. For instance, by selecting a lovely dishcloth, you provide a useful and enjoyable wrapping technique. Lay the fabric flat on a big area to test this wrapping technique.

After that, center the gift on the fabric and fold the ends up. To finish it off, tie the ends together to make it appear like a stylish and exciting gift. To prevent the gift from being disclosed, make sure to tie a tight knot with all of the ends. This method works well for square items but is not advised for gifts with unusual shapes.

  • Enjoyable potato chip packaging

Following a satisfying snack, you may utilize the potato chip bag as a creative wrapping tool. Use the bag’s gleaming silver aluminum interior as the exterior wrapping. To accomplish this, be sure to carefully open the chip packet and take the chips from the bag without damaging it.

After cutting along the sidewalls, wipe off any chips or oil or moisture. The present should be placed on top of the silver side, which should be facing down on a flat surface. then continue to wrap. Square-shaped small gifts work great with this technique. This is not a technique you can use if you have a huge gift that you need to wrap.

  • Fun tote bag

Tote bags are stylish and practical. Choose a tote bag that you know the recipient will adore to give your gift to someone special that extra special touch. You provide that person an additional present that is incredibly useful by doing this.

  • Gift boxes

Few gift-wrapping suggestions can compete with gift boxes when it comes to glamorous present-giving. These boxes protect the gift from harm while maintaining an elegant, tidy appearance. Given their popularity, there is a wide variety of gift boxes available, and you can be sure to choose one that is appropriate for the recipient.


There are numerous alternatives to tape for gift bag closure. One method is to apply a sticker to seal the bag’s top. Another method is to tie the bag’s top shut with a piece of ribbon or string.

How To Giftwrap A Present

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