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Ennui, which in French denotes boredom in the sense of a lack of stimulation and a feeling of unhappiness, particularly in terms of intellectual matters, It is distinct from the kind of boredom a child could experience and is more closely related to existential distress, sense of meaninglessness, and emptiness brought on by this emotion.
Charles Baudelaire, a French poet, explored the idea of ennui in depth in his collection of poems titled Les fleurs du mal, which helped bring the term to prominence in the English-speaking world.
Since ennui is a collective noun, it lacks a plural form.
Ennui is pronounced ohn-wee in the right way.
A nasal “n” in the first syllable can be challenging for non-native speakers to pronounce, but it is not absolutely necessary for successful pronunciation. As you can hear in the audio pronunciation, it is more crucial to remember to pronounce the vowels rather closely.

See how to pronounce ennui according to the Cambridge dictionary
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