How To Cancel Walmart Plus Subscribtion

It’s now much simpler to stop using a subscription service that you don’t need.

Follow these simple steps to end your Walmart Subscription:

1. Enter your Walmart account information at login page.

2. Select “Your Account” from the menu in the top right.

3. From the left side, choose “Delivery Unlimited.”

4. Press the “End Delivery Unlimited” button.

5. Complete the required steps to confirm.

If you wish to cancel your ongoing Walmart Plus subscription, there may not be a deadline, but you must act quickly and on time if you want to do so before the conclusion of a free trial. If you don’t cancel, you run the danger of being charged for the following month and possibly longer.

Call To Customer Service

You’ll need this number if you want to call customer service: (800) 924-9206.

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