How to clean a Moka pot?

A Moka pot or cafetera is a coffee pot used to make espresso. You are in the right place if you have one and know how to clean it. The first thing to remember is that don’t use soap or a dishwasher to clean your Moka pot; they will strip the shiny layer permanently. Some also believe that the soap removes the coffee’s oily residues, resulting in less tasty espresso. These oils also form a barrier that helps reduce the risk of corrosion from water. So what is the right way to do cafeteria cleaning? A quick rinse with hot water is enough. For tough cleaning, use the following tips once a week to keep your pot shiny and new looking.

Parts of Moka pot:

A Moka cup consists of the following five main parts. 

  • Coffee collector or server
  • Filter plate
  • Gasket
  • Funnel
  • Heating vessel


Method # 1: A quick rinse with hot water to clean a Moka pot

If you use your pot daily, a quick rinse in hot water will suffice most of the time. To do so,

  • At first, ensure the Moka pot is cool off. Then disassemble the pot. Remove the funnel and discard the coffee grounds.
  • Rinse the pieces under hot water. Use your fingers or a soapless sponge to remove any residues.
  • Now wipe clean the parts of the Moka pot using a dish towel. Next, use a fork to remove the rubber gasket and funnel filter from the bottom of the coffee collector. Clean them also with a dish towel.
  • Leave all the parts unassembled to air-dry. Keep all these parts disassembled until your next espresso treat to avoid corrosion.

Method # 2: A Thorough Cleaning with specially formulated soaps to clean a Moka pot

Your Moka pot needs a thorough cleaning once a week, with specially designed mild soaps to remove extra oils that may grow rancid over time. Let’s learn how to do it.

  • Unassemble all the parts of the Moka pot as you did before. Use a butter knife or fork to remove the rubber gasket and funnel filter too. 
  • Wash them gently using a sponge and mild detergent. Don’t use regular soaps to clean a Moka pot. As regular dishwashing liquid or soaps can cause your coffee to taste like it. So always use cleaners designed specifically for coffee makers. You can buy these types of soaps easily from online or retail stores.
  • Now rinse each piece in clean water to remove all the traces of soap.
  • Use a safety pin to poke any blockage out that is clogging the holes of the funnel and filter. Rinse them again with clean water.
  • Hand dry all the parts using a hand towel and then spread them on a dry towel to air dry and afterward store them as is.

Note: Avoid using baking soda or hard bristle brushes for cleaning, as they can scratch and dull your Moka pot.

Method # 3: Use vinegar to remove mineral deposits on a Moka pot

If you don’t dry your Moka pot thoroughly or store it in assembled form, the metal may oxidize to some extent and cause mineral deposits to build up inside the boiler and coffee collector.

To correct the discoloration due to mineral deposition, use a vinegar and water mixture in a 1:8 ratio to dip disassembled parts of the Moka pot overnight. Don’t dip the rubber gasket in that solution to avoid deterioration.

Cleaning tip:  Replace old gaskets as needed

A rubber gasket is an essential part of the Moka pot that assists in forming a secure seal for the filter at the bottom of the coffee collector. They may deteriorate over time. Inspect them occasionally for any deterioration and replace them if you find them faulty. 

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