November 27, 2022

How to Get Dog Smell Out of Blankets?

How to get dog smell out of blankets? Cleaning tips!!

Dogs provide companionship and unconditional love to their owners. They also love curling up their blankets. When they lay on something soft like a blanket or a comforter, they’re in their happy place. If your dog has a special blanket they use to cuddle and curl up constantly, they will like to take it everywhere. They sleep with it at night, take it on car rides, and like to drag it outside into the front yard. After some time, the blankets tend to get stinky and messy. It’s likely one of the smelliest things in the house. Here I have collected some natural and manufactured cleaning products for you to get the dog smell out of blankets.

Wash with Vinegar to freshen the blankets

Vinegar is a cheap and easy way to get dog smell out of blankets. Both white vinegar and apple cider vinegar are the most commonly used vinegar. Both perfectly do the job.

  1. Remove the blankets from your dog’s bedding and place them in the washing machine.
  2. Carefully look for the care instructions given in the blanket’s care label to avoid discoloration and shrinkage. In case of no special direction, choose a hot water wash cycle for washing.
  3. For regular washing, add half a cup of vinegar to a wash cycle along with a mild detergent.
  4. For strong odors, add a full cup of vinegar. It’s best to choose an outdoor air-drying method to dry the blankets. That will help freshen the blankets.
  5. Alternatively, use a clothes dryer.

Soak in baking powder solution

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer and cleanser. It’s a great way to gently clean the dog’s blankets to get the smell out. Additionally, it boosts your detergent’s power to remove stains from blankets. 

It’s a good idea to soak the stinky smelled blankets of your dog in a baking soda solution overnight. This gives time to baking soda to remove tough smells from dogs’ blankets. In a bucket, mix a cup of baking soda with a gallon of water. Let the nasty-smelling blankets soak in that solution overnight. Next day, you can wash them in a washing machine with detergent in a routine manner.

Washing with baking soda

It’s a great idea to o get the dog smell out of blankets. To do so,

  1. First, place the blanket into the washing machine and add a mild detergent as usual. Begin the hot wash cycle.
  2. Allow the machine to fill with water. Then pour a half mug of baking soda into a filled washing machine so that it dissolves into the water.
  3. In the case of very strong-smelling blankets, you can also add a cup of white vinegar to enhance the deodorizing effect of baking soda.
  4. Finish running the wash cycle as usual.
  5. At last, air dries the blankets outside to freshen them. Instead, you can also use a dryer.

Washing with hydrogen peroxide to deodorize the blankets

Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to get dog smell from blankets. Put one cup in your washing machine with your usual detergent and then wash as usual. Hydrogen peroxide is safe for most fabrics, however, it can fade some colored fabrics. So, make sure to read the fabric care instructions before using hydrogen peroxide.

Use special laundry detergent to get dog smell out of blankets

These are specifically designed to get rid of pet odors and are available in different brand names. These detergents have more cleaning power than conventional laundry detergents and remove tough animal odors, stains, and heavy soils from blankets leaving them soft and smelling fresh. The only drawback is that they are a little expensive.

Washing with Oxy boosters to cleanse the blankets

You can try using an oxygen booster or borax in the wash if you’ve tried all of the above. Oxy boosters are available in different brands. All work well to remove the smell out of blankets and are also safe. Before washing in the machine, presoak the blankets in an Oxy booster solution to remove muddy paw prints and musty dog smells. Use this method once a week. 

Dry cleaning with Baking soda to get dog smell out of blankets

It won’t actually clean the blankets. Instead, it will absorb the musty smells and make the blankets smell fresh. To do so, cover the blankets with a light layer of baking soda and then place it in a sealed bag. Let the baking soda sit overnight. Next day opens the bag and shake off the baking soda. If necessary, use a soft brush to remove the excess baking soda. Now the air dries the blankets outside in the sunlight to freshen up quickly.

Use home-made sprays to remove dog smell

It’s recommended to wash your dog’s blankets once or twice each week. However, if the blankets are not looking dirty, you can make use of homemade sprays to get the dog smell out of the blankets.

Baking soda spray

Simply add two tablespoons of baking soda with 3 cups of hot water in a spray bottle. Mix well and spray on smelly blankets and hang them outside to air dry.

Vinegar spray

Alternatively, make a solution by adding 1 part apple cider vinegar and three-parts water in a spray bottle. Then spray the blankets that smell the worst. This method works well to mask the smell of dog urine. 

Use pet-friendly enzyme cleaning sprays on blankets

These sprays are non-toxic in nature, safe for pets and kids, plus work well to remove the lingering smell of pet urine that is hard to remove using homemade baking soda and vinegar sprays.

Spray some air freshener to remove the dog smell out of the blankets

Buy an air freshener that is specially formulated to cover up the pet smell and spray to get the dog smell out of blankets. Avoid overusing certain air freshness as some of them contain chemicals that are not good for the health of your dog.


All the above-mentioned products work well to remove and cover up the stinky smells from blankets. However, it’s very important to keep your dog clean to reduce odor in blankets. The smellier the dogs, the smaller the blankets. Since blankets are like a dog’s companion. So make sure to bathe your dog regularly. Clean their ears, paws, and teeth. Keep your dog dry, as wet dogs produce more smell. Wash their toys regularly. Take your dog to get their anal glands cleaned, it’s important. This will significantly lessen the problem and help you to get dog smell out of blankets easily and less frequently.

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