How To Cover A Closet Without Doors?

Your room may appear messy and chaotic if your closet has no doors. Fortunately, there are some fast techniques to conceal your closet that don’t cost a fortune or require a specialist to install.

When we own homes where there is a difficulty with space, this is a common question. While it is true that opening a traditional door requires us to give up usable space, it is also true that this type of door gives us more design options for the space. Even though there aren’t many, these closet door ideas are ideal if we want to save space, therefore we shouldn’t allow this stop us.

Decorating the closet door is essential if we want to decorate a space since without it, it will only end up looking out of place. When it comes to a closet without doors, we have a few options: we may modify what we currently have, or if we haven’t put anything in yet, we can use the chance to build something unique.

We provide many suggestions for designing a room with an open closet in the list that follows. These will help you make the most of the space in your room and add a distinctive touch that a traditional design cannot provide.

How to cover a closet without doors

Shower or window curtains

Using a shower or window curtain as the door is the simplest solution to cover a closet without doors. The closet door will require a curtain rod installed over it. Next, hang the curtain you chose, making sure it complements the style of your space. That’s how simple it is!

The simplicity of installation makes this concept beautiful. It is inexpensive and doesn’t call for a lot of expertise or experience. While doing so, it will conceal the contents of your closet and provide the impression that your room is neat and organized. This technique works in even small spaces because the curtains lay flat. Using window or shower curtains also makes it simple to open and close your closet, which is another wonderful benefit. This can facilitate quick and timely access to the material.


Instead, you can place a divider above the door if you want something a little more substantial. Dividers can take on a variety of forms. The divider can be simply placed in front of the closet or it can be fastened to the top of the door frame and allowed to slide open and shut. When it comes to dividers, the possibilities are essentially limitless. If your room has adequate space, you can use the traditional foldable screen divider. A wood panel could be installed as well to make your own fictitious partition.

This idea is tough because it does need a little more space. You want the divider to completely enclose your closet without making the room feel claustrophobic. This might be a stylish and excellent replacement for a traditional closet door if your room is big enough for a divider. You shouldn’t employ a partition in a method that makes accessing your closet difficult, which is something else to keep in mind. Instead, position the divider such that it is easily accessible from behind and is set back enough from the closet. Again, in order to execute this properly, a lot of area is needed.

Glass Doors

In the event that your closet doesn’t already have doors, you may always install glass paneling or mirrors in front of the door. You will have to add a real door-like feature, which will cost more and take more expertise. Nevertheless, this is a very elegant and lovely approach to conceal your open closet. You can accomplish two goals at once if you particularly choose mirrored glass. You get to conceal the closet while providing yourself a mirror to use for getting dressed.

Lean into the Openness

If your closet doesn’t have any doors, you might be inclined to close it, but you should think about leaving it open. An open design is popular in 2022. This means that if your closet doesn’t have a door, it won’t look outdated or ugly. If you choose not to cover your closet with a door, you will need to maintain its neatness and organization. To make things appear polished and orderly, you may add a fresh coat of paint.

Employ a clothing rack

Utilizing a cloth rack is another approach to embrace transparency. Your clothes are on display and become part of the décor thanks to the clothing rack. If you don’t have a traditional closet but yet want things to look put together, tidy, and classy, this is an excellent solution.

Folding screens are multi-purpose alternatives

In actuality, the world of décor gives us useful possibilities that we may use in several disciplines. A screen that folds is an illustration of this. These are a number of sheets that are joined at the hinges and folded into an accordion to conceal spaces of various sizes. If we choose to cease using them as closet doors, we can always give them another ornamental use because they may be utilized as fake walls or as bedroom closet doors. They were first utilized as walls for dressing rooms and other purposes in Asia, where they had their origins.

The bead cascades make a comeback from the past

Small closet doors were a similar alternative that was frequently utilized in the past and is currently regaining popularity. For those who are unfamiliar, they are a type of curtain composed of ropes that are beaded all the way along. In this manner, a barrier of sorts is built. Instead of being employed as a door, this sort of security is best utilized as a partition between the closet room and the main space. This rainbow of hues will attract you if you enjoy the retro look, and there are lots of designs and patterns available with beads in various shapes, sizes, and materials.

French doors are used to create an elegant look

Although they are not conventional closet doors, a well-organized look can be created. A pair of plates known as French doors have a large portion of crystals (frosted or transparent) and are opened traditionally (swinging) as opposed to sliding. Due to their design, the easiest way to arrange these doors is in multiple pairs of narrow widths, creating a wall of narrow doors that won’t take up as much room when opened.

Swinging doors for a distinctive look

We can always choose a swinging door that matches the type found in old-west canteens, albeit it is not the most popular alternative. Lounge or cafeteria swing doors swing freely, allowing us to open them with little effort. The only negative is that, in some circumstances, they might get in the way, but if that is not the case in our case, it is one of the creative bedroom closet door ideas that we should think about.


In conclusion, you can cover a closet without a door with just about anything. The most common choice is a window curtain because it is reasonably priced, simple to install, lovely, and makes accessing your closet simple. You can choose a glass door or partition in addition, or you might choose to completely embrace the openness.

Whatever choice you decide, be sure it matches your preferences in terms of both style and price. Additionally, you want it to be simple to install and provide rapid access to your closet’s contents. Good fortune!

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