September 11, 2022

How To Create A Christmas Tree Out Of Wire Hangers

How To Create A Christmas Tree Out Of Wire Hangers?

Creating a Christmas tree out of wire hangers is a festive and creative DIY project. Gather wire hangers, shape them into a tree, and decorate them to bring holiday cheer! Learn how to create a Christmas tree Out Of Wire Hangers with step-by-step guidance for a dazzling display.”

You can create a little tree like this for a reasonable price. They are perfect for offices or tiny residences because of their size. They fit on a desk or small table.

How To Create A Christmas Tree Out Of Wire Hangers

Tools and Materials

They are shockingly simple (and thrifty!) to make, and they are so adorable. The following supplies are required to make this Christmas tree:

  • Six metal hangers in a pack
  • Tape to keep everything together (we used electrical tape)
  • Three garlands from Dollar Tree
  • Two boxes, both from the dollar store, with at least 20 Christmas tree lights
  • 2 dozen or more miniature decorations in your choice of color
  • Hanging ornaments

Connect two coat hangers using tape

The skeleton is first constructed using the six coat hangers. Connect two by taping them at the coat hanger’s one set of arms and then at both points where the hooks meet the crosspieces. To use up all six coat hangers, you must repeat this process three times.

Put the Skeleton together

Put the three sets of two hangers that have been taped together together. Holding one pair, thread the untied arm of the second pair through the center hole. Next, take the third pair and thread it through the gap left by the previous joining of the other two pairs. It ought to resemble a Christmas tree’s skeleton. Make sure they are separated from one another equally, then tape them together at the top.

Put the lights on

Start by attaching the lights’ male plug end, which is located at the skeleton’s base. Attach the light’s cable with tape to a coat hanger. Tape the rope to the skeleton as you spiral the lights around it. You might want to experiment with the spiral’s spacing to get the last light to fall on the skeleton’s top.

Enclose the tinsel

The tinsel will be wrapped similarly to the lights, but instead of tape it on, you’ll adhere it to the skeleton with hot glue. To be safe and prevent the wire insulation from melting, I try to avoid getting hot glue on the light wire.

Fill in the Gaps

Check for any gaps you might have left after adhering the tinsel garland. You can just cut a little piece of garland and glue it in any gaps if there are any.

Attach a topper with glue

On top of the Christmas tree made out of coat hangers, a modest topper looks nice. One of the gold ornaments in the shape of a star was hot-glued on top.

Display ornaments

The children preferred this section the most. Affix the miniature ornaments to the tree. The miniature light decorations are simple to hang on the lights’ wire or tinsel.

Have Fun with Your Coat Hanger Tree

Now that you have a wonderful, compact, light, portable tree, you can set it up in spaces where a traditional Christmas tree won’t fit. They are also wonderful presents.

How To Create A Christmas Tree Out Of Wire Hangers






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