How To Draw A Sun?

If it weren’t for the sun blazing at the center of our galaxy, we wouldn’t be here right now! Plant life can grow because of the sun, and its beneficial beams enhance human bodies. With sunrise and sunset being the most gorgeous parts of the day, the sun is a great source of both beauty and awe. The sun has been shown in various cultures and works of art due to how useful and beautiful it is, which has left many people wondering how to draw a sun for themselves. You can learn how to draw the sun by following this step-by-step tutorial!

How To Draw A Sun?

“Solar Elegance: Unveiling the Art of Drawing a Sun in a Step-by-Step Tutorial for All Skill Levels!”

Step 1: Let’s start with how to draw the sun

The first step in this tutorial on drawing the sun ought to be simple. Simply draw a circle that will serve as the sun’s center for this step.

You’ll want to make sure that this circle is as close to a perfect circle as you can get.

The simplest way to accomplish this is by using a tool like a sketching compass, which makes it simple to draw a perfect circle.

The next best thing if you don’t have a sketching compass on hand is to trace around anything flat and spherical.

Step 2: Begin sketching the sun’s beams

The sun’s rays will be drawn in this second section of your drawing as they emerge from the center.

You’ll be prepared for the rest of this guide if you can master sketching these rays at this point. Create a figure with curving lines on the sides that meet at a sharp point to represent these rays.

Every time, that pointed object should face to the right. Simply draw four rays for this step: one on top, one at the bottom, and one each on the left and right.

You can visualize it as each ray at each point of a compass if that helps. We’re prepared to add more once you’ve drawn those!

Step 3: Continue to add rays to your drawing of the sun

In the subsequent sections of this tutorial on how to draw a sun, we will add more rays. You should have no trouble sketching these rays after the previous step!

When drawing them, keep in mind that they should be pointing to the right.

Draw one ray to the right of the North ray for this stage. Once that is done, just put one beneath the ray on the West side of your sun drawing.

Step 4: Continue to strengthen your Sun

You now know how to proceed with your sun drawing. For the time being, we will keep adding rays to the sun.

For now, we’ll just add two, which will close the space between the bottom ray and the one you previously created on the left.

The space left by the top ray and the right ray will be filled by the other.

Step 5: Sketch additional sun rays

No different from the last few phases, we will proceed to add two additional rays in this fifth part of our tutorial on how to draw the sun.

One of these rays will enter the area on the upper left side of the sun, while the other will enter the area on the lower right. Only a tiny space is left on each side, but we will quickly fill that in!

Step 6: Finish off the last sunrays

By now, you probably understand where this is headed. You can now add the final rays to your sun drawing for this section.

As you can expect, they will occupy the final two positions on your sun.

Before you proceed to the last stage, be sure to add any more details after you have completed these last rays.

This may be a fun background, like a lovely beach beneath the sun, or an image of a person facing the sun while wearing sunglasses.

Step 7: Add color to complete your sun drawing

Since the sun is the brightest object in our galaxy, it only makes sense that the final drawing of the sun in this tutorial will feature some gorgeous, vibrant colors!

You may really let your imagination run wild when you color in this step. By combining reds, oranges, and yellows, you can produce a beautiful burst of color for your sun and make it even more dramatic.

Using paints to color in a picture like this can look really fantastic. These might be anything from watercolors for a more subdued appearance to acrylic paints for a brighter finish.

Paints would work very well for this picture because you can blend colors and blur them into one another to give your sun a certain color. Any color you choose will look fantastic, but pastels might also work well for this picture.

Enhancing Brilliance: Elevating Your Sun Drawing

Learn additional methods to make your sun drawing even more brilliant and captivating.

Beyond Sunglasses: Expanding Features in Your Sun Drawing

Explore adding clouds, sunbeams, or waves to enhance the visual elements of your sun drawing.

Style Choices: Exaggeration vs. Realism in Sun Drawings

Consider making your sun drawing more exaggerated and stylistic or opt for a realistic approach to explore different artistic concepts.

Varied Fashions: Exploring Aesthetic Preferences for Your Sun

Experiment with different styles to attract your sun drawing in unique and creative ways.

Colorful Mediums: Trying Different Materials for Sun Art

Experiment with colored pens, markers, or alternative materials to add texture, emotion, and style to your sun drawing.

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