How To Foil A Burglar

To foil a burglar is to stop them from breaking into your home or, if they do, to capture them in the act. You can stop potential robbers in their tracks with a few simple tips. To keep you and your family secure, read on to discover everything you need to know about thwarting thieves.

Lock your windows and doors

Locking up anytime you leave will deter opportunistic robbers. Even though it might seem obvious, many individuals leave their windows or doors open when going out to perform a brief errand. A burglar only requires a few minutes, even if you’re only walking around the block! Every time you leave the house, make sure your windows and doors are locked. Also lock your sliding glass doors. It’s the same as leaving your front door unlocked if you leave those unlocked.

Your doors should have deadbolt locks installed

Push-button locks are far easier to pick than deadbolts. Install deadbolts on your doors if you don’t already have them to prevent burglars. While deadbolts can occasionally still be opened by robbers, doing so requires much more time and effort. Rekeying all the locks might be an option if you recently moved into a new house.

Secure the garage door

To deter robbers from targeting your home, secure your garage. How many people leave their garage doors unlocked or even open for extended periods of time may surprise you. Close and lock your garage door, even if you’re only inside, to deter opportunistic burglars from looking around.

Close the drapes on your windows

Before really trying to break in, many burglars will first peek inside your house to see whether there is anything valuable there. Close your blinds and drapes as you depart to prevent malicious people from peeping inside. Get blinds for any windows in your house that don’t already have them, such as the windows in your garage or basement.

Hide expensive things

A potential thief will know you’re an excellent target if you have valuable stuff. An expensive grill, a beautiful lawnmower, or even an expensive car can serve as a burglar deterrent. To stop others from peeking around, hide your valuables in a shed or the garage.

Pruning back shrubs and trees

Reduce the amount of greenery close to your property to eliminate hiding places. Although your enormous shrubs may provide some welcome solitude from your neighbors, they also make the ideal hiding place for burglars. If there are any trees or shrubs in your yard that could conceal a person, you might want to consider cutting them.

Never leave keys outside

Your home may include “hidden” keys, which burglars frequently search for. It might seem like a smart idea to conceal your front door key behind a rock or your welcome mat, but in reality, you’re just inviting a burglar inside. Instead of leaving your keys outside, keep them with you or give a friend a spare set. Instead of hiding your keys all over your house, think about keeping them in a lock box if you require a set of keys for the outside.

Display signs describing a home security system

Homes with alarm systems deter many robbers. Even if you don’t, display a sign or decal indicating that you do have a home security system. A home without an alarm system is significantly more likely to be the target of a thief than one with one. If you have a sign in your yard, maintain it tidy and watch out that it doesn’t topple over. Only signs that appear to have been well-maintained will prevent thieves; outdated and damaged ones won’t.

Put the timer in your lights

Your home will appear to be occupied if your lights are on a timer. Set your lights to come on at night and go off around bedtime if you’ll be gone for several days at a time. In this manner, it appears that someone is still at home.

Set a radio or television on timers

To give the impression that someone is home, use radio or TV noise. Turn on a radio or television loudly before you leave your home to make it appear that people are inside. Use a timer to automatically turn on or off the TV or radio at night so it appears that someone is doing it inside.

Keep your travel arrangements a secret

If you let people know your house won’t be occupied, they’ll target it. Don’t inform a lot of people or post on social media about your vacation. Instead, inform a few close friends or family members of your trip and your return time. Once you get home, feel free to share pictures from your trip! 

Have someone watch the house while you are away

Pay a friend to stay over so your house isn’t empty. They can take the mail inside, take care of your plants, and generally maintain your home so burglars are aware of its presence. Having guests around during the day may be sufficient to dissuade opportunistic burglars, even if they don’t stay the night in your house.

Stop delivery while you’re away

Keep mail from accumulating so that burglars are unaware that you are away. When leaving town for an extended period of time, get in touch with the post office and ask them to halt delivery of your mail until you return. In this manner, even when your house is occupied, it won’t appear such. You can submit a permission form to delay your mail in the US by going online to the USPS website.

Purchase an alarm system

Excellent burglar deterrents are home security systems. While they won’t always prevent thefts, they’re sure to give even experienced thieves pause. To give you some piece of mind, look considering installing a home alarm system.

  • Systems for home security are excellent for catching burglars as well. You can offer the police the video to help them identify a burglar if you catch them on camera.
  • The least intrusive form of home security you can add is camera doorbells.
  • The well-known home alarm companies are SimpliSafe, ADT, Ring, and Vivint.

Install motion-sensitive lighting

Never letting a burglar inside in the first place is the best deterrent.

  • The smash-and-grab technique is the one that burglars utilize the most. Breaking a window, kicking in a door, or using an unsecured door without a deadbolt lock are all methods they can use to gain entry.
  • Installing motion-activated lights inside and outside of your home is the greatest approach to prevent this kind of burglary. Since motion-sensor lights turn on when someone walks by them and are also quite bright, they are useful for deterring would-be burglars.
  • Make sure the motion-activated lights you buy have both spotlights and floodlights so you can cover every angle surrounding your house. Make sure that floodlights are used to illuminate any windows that are visible from the outside of your home. 

Put your money in odd locations

Cash, jewels, and other valuables are frequently sought for by burglars. You’ll relieve a lot of stress if you can stop the thief by making it impossible for them to take these stuff. Cash is typically kept in a wallet or pocketbook. That’s acceptable if you aren’t home when the burglar calls, but it won’t help if he smashes in during the day and discovers your money on the kitchen table. Keep your cash out of sight and concealed.

One alternative is to hide it in a lockbox or safe that is tucked away somewhere in the home (but not too far away that he won’t be able to find it). Another method is to stow little sums of cash around the house, for example, under loose floorboards, under lamps, books and magazines, and so on. He won’t be able to find all of your money at once, and if he learns that some of it has already been taken, he won’t be as motivated to break into those specific places.


When the alarm goes off and you are far from the house, using aluminum foil to pick up the sounds of smashing glass can be quite helpful in thwarting a burglar. The intruder will hear the alarm but not understand its origin. Therefore, they could opt to move on to their next break-in if they enter a home that has foil on all the windows and doors.


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