How to get rid of Weed Smell?

Weed smokers may smoke recreationally to relax, escape uncomfortable situations or feelings, or self-treat a mental condition. They may smoke in social settings or with a partner to produce a mild ecstasy and chilled-out time. If you are a weed smoker or smoke for medicinal purposes but don’t want everyone to learn, you may want to know how to get rid of the weed’s strong smell.

The science behind weed smell:

Marijuana, commonly known as weed, is a plant derived from the cannabis plant, sometimes smoked to treat symptoms of a medical condition. While this mind-altering drug has relaxing benefits, it also has an intense smell.
Chemicals called terpenes account for the intense smell of weeds and give them a unique flavor and scent profile. But burning makes marijuana’s odor more complex, as its smoke contains various chemicals such as benzene, formaldehyde, and ammonia. This mixture allows the intense smell to linger long in your home.

Below is a list of the best options for removing your home and your person of weed’s unique smell. Look through the list, and find the right choice for you.

get rid of Weed Smell

Storage Methods to get rid of weed smell

Bamboo charcoal purifying bags:

One of the cheapest ways to guarantee no one locates your stash is to conceal the natural smell using an odor deodorizer. Place the weed in bamboo charcoal purifying bags. The sealed linen bag absorbs moisture in the air and holds it inside along with your odors. These are entirely natural without synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals, so there’s no need to worry about your weed being contaminated by foreign scents. 

Air-tight container: 

In storage, marijuana can sometimes leave a strong smell. Try storing your marijuana in an airtight, sealable container to combat this odor. A mason jar or a vacuum-packed bag would work well. 

Due to the increased popularity of marijuana, weed lunchboxes are created with an odor-trapping grommet and liner inside, adjustable partitions for different-sized buds, and a waterproof zipper. 

Zip lock bag: 

If you do not have an airtight container, consider storing your marijuana in a zip-lock bag. A simple sandwich bag can help mask the odor of marijuana. If you use any device for smoking, such as a pipe, closing it in a zip lock bag afterward can also help conceal the smell. Please ensure the tube is cool before storing it in a zip lock bag to avoid potential fire risks.

Cover the weed smell while smoking: 

Light the incense: 

If there is one smell that is more recognizable than weed, it’s incensed. You can purchase incense at many supermarkets and craft stores. Choose a mild, natural scent. Light the incense about 5 minutes before you begin smoking. This will make the air thick with incense odor and will mask the smell of smoking. If anyone asks, tell them that’s incense they smell, and even show them if they aren’t convinced. 

Light Scented candles: 

Scented candles can also mask the unwanted smell of weed smoke. Air freshener companies often sell different candles created to neutralize and remove odors. Experiment with other scented candles until you find one that works for you. Consider choosing something with a natural scent, like pine. 

get rid of Weed Smell

Make a sploof at home:

A sploof is a homemade device developed to conceal the smell of marijuana. While smoking weed, exhale the vapors into a sploof to prevent a smell from developing. To make a spoof at home, tape a dryer sheet at one end of a toilet paper roll and secure it with a rubber band. Stuff the tube halfway with toilet paper. The dryer sheet turns brown with repeated use, so storing a couple of extra dryer sheets in your reserve is convenient. 

Invest in a carbon filter:

If you are growing marijuana inside your home, the smell can intensify. You can purchase a carbon filter device to help remove the weed smell from your home. Carbon filters trap odors through a process called adsorption. You can buy a carbon filter online or from a local greenhouse. For most homegrown marijuana, you will need a filter with a 6-inch exhaust filter. You can purchase the carbon filter and install it nearby where you’re growing your plants. 

Invest in dry weed vaporizers: 

A dry weed vaporizer is a portable device that vaporizes the active ingredients in marijuana. You can inhale the plant without lighting anything; it does not produce a smell, so you don’t have to worry about lingering smells on your clothes, hair, and fingers. Investing in a vaporizer can significantly reduce odors when smoking. The downside of vaporizers is that they often need to charge before use, so plug in your vaporizer for a while before planning to smoke. 

Invest in One hitter weed smoking pipe: 

The one-hitter is another portable device for smoking marijuana. One-hitters are mechanical, reusable device that looks like a cigarette. Put a small amount of marijuana and smoke it like a cigarette. Like vaporizers, one-hitters yield less smell than other methods of smoking. You can purchase a one-hitter online or from a marijuana dispensary. It is the best way to save money, lower weed tolerance, and ease buds. 

Cover the weed smell after smoking: 

Use Strong mouthwash: 

When trying to remove the weed smell, most people focus on the space in which the pot was smoked. But cleaning carpets, clothes, and countertops won’t eliminate the odor. That’s because, like cigarettes, weed does leave a scent on your breath. Use a solid mouthwash to ensure you get rid of every ounce of weed smell. As an added benefit, the mouthwash also works to clean your mouth and teeth every time you use it. 

Invest in an air freshener: 

Air fresheners can conceal many offensive odors, including the smell of marijuana. Consider putting a new air freshener in a room shortly after smoking. You can buy gel-based air fresheners that come encased in a plastic case. However, gel-based air fresheners may not provide a solid odor masking. Many air fresheners plug into your wall and give out a fresh scent all day. If the smell is strong, consider investing in a plug-in air freshener for greater effectiveness. 

Chew bold mint flavored gum: 

You may still have a smell of marijuana on your breath after smoking. You can get rid of this smell by chewing mint-flavored gum. 

Soak yourself in mild body spray: 

After smoking, spritz a small amount of perfume or body spray over your outfit to try to cover the smell. Body spray is a must in rooms and on your body, plus the scents are mild and versatile enough to be unisex. Do not use too much spray or perfume. A little bit goes a long way. The odor can irritate others and make them dubious if you smell strong. If possible, choose natural scents such as sandalwood. 

Use the window plus fan method: 

Ventilation is also a great way to eliminate the marijuana smell after smoking. If you’ve tried everything else, it may be time to try a more general answer. Open the window and smoke nearby. If the wind blows the smoke back in, point a fan towards the window and switch it on. It will help blow the smoke outdoors. Sometimes, the most straightforward methods are the most effective at eliminating weed odors. Be careful when blowing smoke outdoors. The scent can be irritating to your neighbors. 

get rid of Weed Smell

Cook food to mask smell: 

Cooking can conceal the weed smell if you use the right ingredients. If it’s close to mealtime, consider cooking foods with onion, garlic, or other strong-smelling substances. It helps cover the smell caused by marijuana. 

Use scented spray cleaner for furniture: 

Although most people consider weed smell mostly settled in the air and fabrics, the scent can penetrate hard surfaces. That’s why it’s essential to regularly wipe down countertops, furnishings, and other fixtures in your smoking spot with a strongly scented spray. 


You can also cook marijuana in butter and make it into various baked goods. Or you can buy a variety of weed edibles from a local pharmacy if you live in a state where marijuana is legal for medicinal or recreational purposes. Edibles are virtually odor free, as no smell is produced during smoking or storage. If you want to get rid of the root cause of the weed smell from your home, consider marijuana edibles instead of smoking. 

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