August 8, 2022

How to Interpret the Egg Cleanse for your Aura?

How to interpret an egg cleanse for your aura?

Whenever you are in a shallow state, got into a tizzy, and are talking absolute tosh. Try the egg cleanse. The egg will help you to cleanse negativity from your soul, and you will indeed feel fresh. In this article, I will tell you how to perform an egg cleanse for your aura as well as how to interpret the one.

What does an egg cleanse for your aura?

For an oblivious person, it seems like a term related to facial cleansing using an egg. Sorry for them; it’s not a type of facial cleansing. I am talking about the art of egg cleansing.

“Egg cleanse is a spiritual cleansing of our soul and body from the negative effects of filthy aura, and all you need is a humble egg.”

In Spanish, it’s called la Limpia. A similar tradition has also been rooted in Mexico, Italy, Scotland, and the Philippine cultures. The egg cleanse got famous on social media in early 2020, and it’s a centuries-old practice.

What is an Aura?

“An aura is the magnetic field of energy that surrounds your body.”

The people and situations you interact with greatly influence your auric field as you constantly exchange your energies with your surroundings. Your karmic domain gets weak by picking up negative emotions and energy from your surroundings. You feel stressed, and your immune system becomes weak, making you more susceptible to diseases. As a result, you develop a negative outlook toward others. In other words, you become depressed. In order to feel calm, you have to perform an egg cleanse for your aura.

How does an egg cleanse your aura?

An egg is considered a symbol of life and can take on energy. So, you will transfer your destructive or toxic energy from your soul, mind, and surroundings into an egg and throw it away.

Step 1: Baths the egg.

In order to perform an egg cleanse for your aura, start by taking a glass bowl half filled with water. Add one spoon full of table salt to it. Then add a squeeze of lemon juice and mix it well using a spoon. Keep saying a prayer of your choice and gently wash the uncooked, fresh egg in this mixture. Dry the egg using a soft towel. Bathing the egg is done to get rid of its negative vibes.

Step 2: Fill up a glass of water.

Take a transparent glass and half-fill it with tap water. Let the water stands for a few minutes at room temperature.

Step 3: Think about your intention first.

To cleanse your aura and transfer your depressive thoughts, hold the humble egg in your hand. Take a deep breath and closely think about your negative emotions and toxic Aura, which you want to eliminate. Then, say a prayer of your choice and blow your intentions onto the egg.

How to interpret an egg cleanse for your aura

Step 4: It’s time for an egg roll.

For extra relief, sit comfortably or lay down while holding the egg in your hand. Turn off lights and focus attentively on moving your negative Aura into the egg.

  • Start rolling the egg from the forehead to the back of the head, then around your ears.
  • Next, close your eyes and concentrate on your problems while keeping rolling eggs on your eyelids and lips.
  • Move from top to toe, and roll the egg in clockwise circles, also called maneuvers. You can say a prayer or keep your mind blank during these maneuvers.
  • The egg will absorb all the filthy Aura from your body, and you will feel relaxed and peaceful.


If the egg cracks during all this rolling, redo it with a new egg.

Step 5: Breaks the egg into a glass of water.

After completing the egg cleanse procedure, it’s time to interpret the egg cleanse. To do so, carefully break the egg into a glass of water you filled earlier. Make sure the yolk stays intact. Leave the egg to settle in water for 10 to 15 minutes, so you can easily see and interpret the results of the egg cleanse.

Interpretation of an egg to cleanse for your Aura:

The most crucial step of an egg cleanses is to interpret the results. Place the glass on a table and look closely through the water. 

  • Blood in water means there may be evil spirits around you. Someone has used black magic against you. Or it also means you could have an underlying disease.
  • Bubbles in the egg white indicate that your bad energy is successfully absorbed into the egg. And now you are free to enjoy life with total exuberance.
  • Cobwebs in egg white indicate that you may have an evil eye placed upon you. You must perform an egg cleanse again to eliminate the evil eye.
  • If a face-like configuration appears in egg yolk, you have an enemy.
  • Needles or spikes-like patterns indicate bad people around you—those who are just hoping for your failure and are extremely unhappy with your success.
  • If the egg is regular in shape and the water is clear, it’s good news, dear. You don’t have any negative vibes to be concerned about.

What is the fate of the post-ritual egg?

After egg cleansing, flush out the egg along with water. Then ditch a cup of salty water and the lemon juice down the toilet. Or throw the egg in the running stream. 

A scientific explanation of the egg cleanses:

It is an ambiguous process, and there is no evidence of any measurable effect on the human body. Nevertheless, the process of egg cleanse for a depressed and filth aura is believed to remove spells, lousy karma, obsessions, worries, inequalities, and perplexity. It also has some benefits in getting rid of diseases and health problems. However, the interpretation of egg cleanse for an aura have no scientific basis at all.

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