September 11, 2022

How To Keep Children Happy When Travelling

How To Keep Children Happy When Travelling

Embarking on a journey with children can be an adventure of its own. To keep little ones happy while traveling, consider engaging activities, snacks, and games. Creating a joyful atmosphere ensures a smoother and more enjoyable experience for the entire family. Explore expert tips on how to keep children happy when travelling. Make family journeys joyful with practical advice and fun activities.

“Happy Trails: A Guide to Keeping Children Joyful and Engaged During Travel”

It can be a lovely experience to travel with kids, but it can also be difficult at times. These suggestions can help you keep your youngster occupied, amused, and happy when traveling, whether you’re on a road trip or a flight this summer.

1. Audiobooks and Movies: The Road Trip Companions

Heading on a long journey? Load up your iPad, laptop, or smartphone with a variety of kid-friendly audiobooks, movies, games, songs, and podcasts. This digital arsenal can be a lifesaver during unexpected delays or crises on the road.

2. Pre-Trip Library Visit: Choose New Books

Visit the library or bookstore before your trip and let your child pick out a few brand-new books. Having fresh reading material will keep them engaged during the journey.

3. Travel Games: Turning Minutes into Fun

Pack a variety of games like travel bingo, I Spy, Uno, Go Fish, and Old Maid. A simple deck of cards can open the door to hours of entertainment.

4. Surprise Grab Bags: A Pleasant Distraction

Every 30 minutes, surprise your child with a grab bag filled with affordable items from Target Dollar Spot or the Dollar Store. It’s a small yet effective way to keep their anticipation levels high.

5. State-Specific Bags: A Journey Within a Journey

Prepare a bag for each state you pass through. Include unread books, snacks, and a short activity. It adds an element of excitement to the journey.

6. Tiny Gifts: Unwrapping Joy

Wrap a tiny gift for your child to unwrap during the trip. Unexpected surprises are bound to bring smiles and add a fresh element of play.

7. Stuffed Animal Companion: Comfort On the Go

Allow your child to choose a beloved stuffed animal or a small toy to bring along. A bag or backpack can serve as their personal travel companion.

8. Creative Expression: Reusable Sticker Books and More

Encourage creativity with reusable sticker books, activity or coloring books, crayons, markers, and a sketchbook. It’s a great way to pass the time while fostering imagination.

9. Lap Play with a Cookie Sheet: Magnet and Lego Fun

A cookie sheet on your child’s lap opens up opportunities for magnet and Lego play. It’s a neat and contained way to engage in creative activities.

10. Snack Container: A Variety of Treats

Ensure a happy journey by packing a container with compartments filled with a variety of snacks. Satisfy hunger with special treats for an enjoyable travel experience.

11. White Noise Magic: Peaceful Naps on the Go

For infants and young children, use your phone’s white noise app or download calming melodies to ensure peaceful naps in the backseat.


Transforming travel time into a fun-filled adventure requires a bit of preparation and creativity. By incorporating these tips, you can turn your family road trip into cherished memories, filled with laughter and joy.


  1. Q: How can I keep my child entertained without relying on screens? A: Engage them with a variety of games, activities, and surprise grab bags filled with affordable items.
  2. Q: Are there any specific snacks that work best for travel? A: Pack a variety of snacks, including special treats, to keep hunger at bay and maintain a happy atmosphere.
  3. Q: How do I choose the right audiobooks and movies for my child? A: Select content that aligns with their interests and age, ensuring an enjoyable and age-appropriate experience.
  4. Q: What’s the significance of state-specific bags? A: State-specific bags add an exciting element to the journey, providing new books, snacks, and activities as you cross state lines.
  5. Q: How can I make naptime peaceful during the trip? A: Use white noise apps or calming melodies to create a soothing environment, ensuring peaceful naps for infants and young children.

Happy traveling!

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