How to pack jewelry for travel?

Traveling with jewelry is a good way to accent your look and keep fashionable without packing a tonne of clothing. But how do you keep everything arranged so that you don’t open your luggage and see a huge, disorganized mess? When thinking about inventive ways to pack jewelry for travel, there are numerous options available. You can try a DIY method using common household materials, or you can purchase reasonably priced jewelry organizers that keep each of your jewelry items separated and tangle-free. Read the article below to know more about how to pack jewelry for travel.

How to pack jewelry for travel

Step 1: Choose the Jewelry for travel

It’s a good idea to match your jewelry selection to the outfits you’ve packed when traveling. However, if you enjoy jewelry as much as most people do, that just marginally reduces your selection. What steps should you take next? Do not forget Simple, Single, and Selective. Let’s elaborate.

Simple: Bring your essentials, that’s all. These are your go-to items because they are simple to put on and can be worn with any outfit.

Single: Flexibility is necessary for travel. That also applies to your jewelry. By deciding on a single colour scheme for your jewelry, you can leave room for customization. Shiny accessories, whether they are made of gold or silver (only choose one), will instantly brighten any attire. Use black accents or solid colours to go more understated with your clothing.

Selective: As we previously mentioned, if you limit your jewelry to one colour family, you’ll save yourself some time. Be selective while packing your jewelry—you don’t need to carry everything! Your pricey jewelry is one area where you should be particularly selective; if at all possible, leave it at home.

Step 2: How to Travel with Your Jewelry

It’s time to decide how to bundle your choices now that you’ve made them. Here are our recommendations for various jewelry items.

For storing your necklaces

Pack your necklaces in fabric pouches, jewelry boxes, or little plastic bags. Its best if the clasp is locked and the necklace hangs outside the container to help reduce the likelihood of tangles. Grab some shelf liner instead. Lay your necklaces on it, leaving space between each, and then carefully wrap the fabric up.

To assemble your bracelets

Separate from the cloth pouch or zip lock bag containing your necklaces, keep your bracelets in another one. Another option is to roll up a washcloth and slide your bracelets over it to create your own jewelry roll. After that, secure it by putting it in a ziplock bag.

For ring storage

Use a different day for each of your smaller rings when placing them in a pill container so you can see them clearly. Tie a knot at the end and string the larger rings through the loop of one of your cloth bags. Ring storage options include cloth pouches, zip-top bags, and jewelry boxes, but separate sections make it possible for rings to be kept more securely.

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For storing earrings 

For this one, we urge you to exercise your creative side. Locate a piece of fabric that is thin enough for you to pierce it with your earrings. Use cardboard, a foam plate, or a thick piece of paper from an old shoebox and make your own holes in it if you don’t have any fabric samples on hand. Or you can put your earrings in the same pillbox you used for your rings.

How to pack jewelry for travel

Empty lip balm containers

make excellent earring holders after you’ve finished using the lip balm. This one is exclusive to the Eos brand. Place them in your purse for storage.

Safety pins

Just like with a carabiner, you can loop your hoops or delicate necklaces through a safety pin.


Use the excess buttons you’ve been saving from every shirt to thread the earring backs through to keep them secure.

Sunglasses/ Glasses case

Use your sunglasses or glasses case to store bracelets, jewelry, and other small objects once you’ve outgrown your pair of glasses.

Tips to pack  jewelry for travel

  1. A pill box

A traditional way to transport your rings, earrings, and little necklace is in a pill case. Additionally, the seven divisions assist in organise the small bits, making it a nice feature.

  1. Straws

The smartest concept I came across online was using straws to arrange jewelry. By feeding your necklaces through the straw, you utilize it to prevent tangles. It is a very clever trick that requires almost no room.

  1. Roll of Toilet Paper

If you’re taking bracelets and large necklaces, using an empty toilet paper roll is ideal. To keep things tidy and all together, wrap the bulky pieces around the roll.

  1. Towel for travel

Always carry a tiny towel with you in case of an emergency; even better, find another use for it. Simply wrap the towel around all of your necklaces, roll it up, and secure the ends using hair bands. Organize your jewelry and keep it from getting crushed.

  1. Index Card

Earrings look nice on index cards. You can start by poking the index card with your earrings and then closing the back. To prevent the earrings from scratching or getting snagged on other pieces of clothing, cover the index card with a pair of socks or underwear.

  1. Tiny plastic bags

Purchase small sealable plastic bags to place your items individually if you don’t mind untangling your jewelry but are concerned about losing something little. Then, for an organized bag and an easy method to locate the jewelry you want each day, place all the small bags in a sandwich-sized sealable bag.

  1. Jewelry travel bag

You might choose a jewelry bag designed expressly for travel if you travel frequently. Even if they are not very expensive, you only need them if none of the above methods work for you. It will shield your items from tangling, scratching, and loss, but it does take up more room and costs more money.

  1. Bring a bold necklace

Something striking will draw attention away from the apparel beneath and deceive you into thinking you’re wearing a brand-new outfit. Additionally, bold necklaces may spice up even the most basic outfits!

  1. Include cheap jewelry

Naturally, you should never bring any jewelry that you would be angry about losing or having stolen.


If you want to take multiple sets of necklaces then you should try using plastic wrap to prevent necklaces from tangling when packing. Set up a sheet that is just large enough to cover a medium-sized bowl or just short enough so that the two ends protrude past either side. The plastic wrap should then be rolled, and the ends connected. Each necklace will be held in place by the tenacious grip of the plastic wrap.

I hope you find this article useful and that it provides you with enough details about how to pack jewelry for a trip. Good Day!

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