How To Search For a Job Online?

The Internet has become into a crucial component of every job hunt during the past few years. But given the abundance of online resources, it can be challenging to know where to start and how to make the most of them.

You’ll discover how to use job search engines and job notifications in this section to discover various chances. Additionally, we’ll go through how to reply to an online job posting and how to keep safe while looking for work.

Using job search engines and job alerts

Use a job search tool like Indeed or SimplyHired rather than scouring numerous websites. To make it easier for you to read job postings, job search engines gather them from a variety of websites.

You might need to experiment with search phrases and refinements because, like with any search engine, the goal is to maximise the amount of relevant results you receive. The job search tips provided by Indeed are excellent starting points.

Additional job search sites

While job search engines are among the simplest ways to uncover a range of job posts, depending on your preferences, you might also want to use more specialised websites.


One of the most global job-search websites currently in use is GlassDoor. To find out what it’s like to work for other firms, you can search for positions at particular companies throughout the world and read employee reviews.

Social media

Websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter have grown in importance as resources for online job searching. In our lectures on Job Hunt with Social Media and LinkedIn Basics, we’ll go into more detail about using social media in your job hunt.

Specialty sites

You could want to search for job openings on specialised or niche websites like Idealist, FlexJobs, or Dice if you operate in a certain career field.


One of the most well-known websites in the US, Craigslist offers a free classified service where users may post ads for nearly anything, including job openings. Although Craigslist offers many genuine job possibilities, the way it is posted also makes it a popular place for bogus job advertisements. At the conclusion of this course, we’ll go into greater detail regarding remaining safe when replying to job advertising.

Posting your resume online

You can upload your resume to some websites. Employers can look through online resumes to identify a candidate who meets their requirements when they need to fill a job position. You will be able to be found by employers, which may improve your chances of landing a job. Some websites will also send you relevant job posts automatically based on the information in your resume.

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