How To Create New Snapchat After Being Banned?

If we’ve discovered conduct from your account that violates our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines, it’s possible that this is why your Snapchat account has been locked. To keep the app entertaining and secure for everyone, this is done.

1. Unlock your Account on Snapchat support

You must enter both your password and your locked email address on the login screen once it has been opened in order to log in.

  • Once you’ve added them, click “Login” to access your account page.
  • Click “Unlock My Account” on the account page.
  • You must then check the new page to see if there is a message that has been highlighted in red.
    You can attempt to unlock your account by tapping “Unlock” if the message is absent.
  • You’ll then get an email with instructions for changing your Snapchat password.

However, if you received a red warning that reads “Permanently Locked,” you should get a new phone.

2. Delete 3rd party apps, plugins, or tweaks

Delete any third-party programmes like Snapchat++, SCOthman, or other modifications, and cease using them if you want to create a new Snapchat account after being banned.
The Snapchat TOS (Terms of Service) forbid using third-party apps.

If you still have any of them on your phone, you must delete them. You’ll then need to attempt creating a new account. Now, don’t ever install these kinds of programmes on a fresh smartphone that you purchased.


3. Contact Snapchat Support

You can reach out to Snapchat Support at any moment if you think you’ve been banned or that your account has been locked without cause.

Your account might occasionally be hacked.
As a result, Snapchat will permanently freeze your account in order to secure it.

You don’t have to create a new Snapchat account in this situation.


4. Buy a New Phone and Create a New Snapchat Account on It

If you’ve tried the solutions listed above and nothing has worked, Snapchat has probably blocked your device.

The IMEI number on your phone—which functions as the device’s serial number—is subject to the prohibition.

Many internet users have attempted numerous methods using the blocked phone, but the majority have been unsuccessful in creating new accounts.

Therefore, the simplest method to resolve this problem is to get a new phone rather than a used one and create a new Snapchat account on the new one.


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