How to unclip peloton shoes? A Complete guide.

Peloton shoes are comfortable indoor cycling shoes. A breathable upper, mesh vent on the base, a quick ratchet clip, plus hook and loop straps to adjust provides stability, comfort, and support to their user. Moreover, a most important feature of peloton shoes that distinguishes them from other sports shoes is a three-bolt delta cleat sticking out from the sole of the shoe. These cycling cleats help peloton shoes for clipping in securely to a peloton bike. If you are a new user of peloton shoes and want to know how to clip and unclip peloton shoes. Or if you are a regular user but facing difficulty while unclipping peloton shoes off your peloton bike, then keep reading.

Set up cycling cleats 

When you purchase a pair Pelton of peloton shoes, the first thing you need to do is to install the delta cleats on the base of the peloton shoes. It’s important your cleats are properly installed to avoid hectic rides and problems while clipping and unclipping peloton shoes off your peloton bike.

clip and unclip peloton shoes

Things that come in a package 

  • Peloton shoes 
  • Two Delta cleats 
  • Six washers 
  • Six hex screws
  • A 4-millimeter hex wrench

clip and unclip peloton shoes

  1. Grab a shoe and position one of the delta cleats over the three holes on the bottom of your peloton shoe. Make sure to set the middle of the cleat across the ball of the foot on the shoe.
  2. After positioning the Delta cleats, set the washers into each of the three recesses of the cleat. Next, place screws into each screw hole and slightly tighten with your hand.
  3. Next, by using a hex key tighten the screw to securely attach them to the shoes. That’s it. 


An important point to remember is that the screws will loosen over time and you will notice difficulty while unclipping peloton shoes. To fix that, straighten your cleats and tighten the screws securely.

As your peloton shoes are ready to be used. It’s time to set up your peloton bike.

Set up a peloton bike on a stable surface 

At first, find a spot with a stable and flat surface so it won’t rock or move around. So you can easily clip or unclip peloton shoes after enjoying a comfortable ride. It’s best to lay a bike mat underneath your Peloton bike.

Adjust seat height 

Optimally position your bike seat by twisting the lever below the seat. Otherwise, you may face trouble in the continuity of a smooth ride as well as while unclipping Pelton shoes after finishing a ride. It’s recommended to align the seat such that it matches the height of your hip bone when standing next to your bike.

Adjust the seat depth 

Loosen the depth lever by turning it to the left, then slide the seat into your preferred position. Peloton recommends simply starting with the seat placed in the center position if you’re a beginner. However, you can always adjust the depth as well as the height of your seat whenever you feel uncomfortable.

How to clip in peloton shoes?

If you want to know how to unclip peloton shoes off the bike pedals, then it seems only right to know first how to clip in. It looks tricky. It is a little bit tricky but will become second nature very quickly. Just follow these simple steps to clip in your bike safely and comfortably.

  • Stand with one foot on either side of your bike.
  • Bring the pedal on your dominant side of the foot to the 6’o clock position.
  • Press down the red knob on the right front of the seat to stop the backward and forward movement of the pedal.
  • Then dive the Delta cleat into the upwards-bent portion of the pedal. Push down your heel until it snaps into place with a click.
  • Lastly, clip in the other foot the same as you did for your first foot.

Wiggle your shoes from side to side to make sure your shoes are securely attached to the pedals.

How to unclip peloton shoe?

For most people clipping in is very easy. However, when it comes to clipping out that causes them problems. It’s important to remember when you need to unclip off your peloton bike, you want to clip out from your back foot first. In order to unclip your shoes, first hold the red knob to stop the movement of the pedals. Then kick your heel outwards with moderate force to unclip. You will feel some resistance. That’s all about how to unclip peloton shoes.

The important thing to remember while unclipping peloton shoes

  • If you get off the left-hand side of the bike, unclip your right foot first. If you get to the right-hand side of the bike, unclip your left foot first. 
  • If you unclip your lead foot first, it means you won’t have enough leverage and you will be at the wrong angle to get the other foot off easily.
  • When you first get your bike in your shoes, it will be a lot stiffer and harder. However, regular clipping in and out makes them less stiff and soon will become second nature.
  • If after a few rides, say a dozen rides, it’s still really stiff, you can adjust the pedals slightly by adjusting the screws at the base of the pedals. But peloton suggests not to do this too much otherwise you may end in broken pedals.

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