How to dress in 70s Style?

The 1970s marked an era of iconic fashion, with influential celebrities shaping the trends of the time. It was the bridge between the “olden days” and the modern era. Achieving an authentic ’70s look involves channeling the style of these stars and embracing the diverse trends of the disco decade. Let’s embark on a step-by-step guide to help you dress like the stars from this unforgettable era.

How to Achieve the Perfect ’70s Look: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Seek Inspiration from ’70s Celebrities

Legendary figures like The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Clint Eastwood, Meryl Streep, and Barbra Streisand offer valuable inspiration for your ’70s wardrobe. Their iconic styles serve as a blueprint for your journey into the fashion of the disco decade.

Step 2: Rock the Turtleneck

Embrace the iconic turtleneck sweater, a staple of 70s fashion. These sweaters, with their long necks, were all the rage during the era. Don’t shy away from sweater vests, another popular choice from the ’70s.

Step 3: Disco Fever

Capture the essence of the disco era, a defining look of the 70s. Opt for crop tops with ruffles, large sleeves, or flared designs paired with bell bottoms – a quintessential piece of ’70s attire. Create a dazzling ensemble perfect for the disco dance floor.

Step 4: Embrace Shorter Styles

Short bottoms were a hit in the 70s. Try mini skirts, particularly popular in the early ’70s, or hot pants – tight, very short pants that exude a playful vibe. Pair these with crop tops or turtleneck sweaters for an authentic ’70s feel.

Step 5: Wide-Leg Wonders

Explore palazzo pants, exaggerated versions of bell bottoms that were exceptionally wide at the bottom. Opt for colorful patterns and designs to fully capture the bold spirit of 70s fashion.

Step 6: Dive into Diverse 70s Styles

Experiment with various ’70s styles, including long belted pants with a blouse, maxi flowing dresses representing the hippie culture, pantsuits inspired by the feminist movement, denim-on-denim looks, tie-dye clothing, and even “his and hers” matching outfits.

Step 7: Step into ’70s Shoes

Complete your look with ’70s footwear. Platform heels, go-go boots, knee-high boots, loafers, sneakers, and clogs were all the rage. Choose your favorite pair to complement your ’70s-inspired ensemble.

Step 8: Accessorize Retro

Add finishing touches with ’70s accessories like turbans, pearl earrings, cloche hats, and headbands to elevate your look and truly transport yourself back in time.

Step 9: Hairstyles of the Decade

Experiment with iconic ’70s hairstyles, including the afro, shag, feathered hair, shoulder-length blonde hair with bangs, pompadour, sideburns, and even a buzzcut for males.


Step 10: Embrace Subculture Influences

In the ’70s, different styles like hippie, rock and roll, punk, and mod were a big deal. Punk guys dared to wear skirts and makeup, while punk gals sported combat boots and oversized, traditionally masculine clothes. It was a rebellion against societal norms, breaking free from traditional gender ideas. Explore them and incorporate their unique styles into your wardrobe for a personalized touch.


By following these steps and drawing inspiration from the diverse fashion of the 1970s, you’ll be ready to rock your authentic 70s look. So, groove on and let the retro vibes shine through!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I mix and match styles from different celebrities?

A: Absolutely! The ’70s were all about individual expression, so feel free to combine elements from various icons.

Q: Are platform heels comfortable to wear?

A: Comfort varies, but choosing the right size and style can make platform heels a fashionable and comfortable choice.

Q: What ’70s hairstyle suits modern trends?

A: The shag hairstyle has made a comeback and seamlessly blends the vintage ’70s look with a modern touch.

Q: How can I add a contemporary twist to the ’70s fashion?

A: Incorporate modern accessories or pair ’70s staples with contemporary pieces for a fresh and trendy look.

Q: Can men also embrace ’70s fashion?

A: Absolutely! Men can rock ’70s-inspired looks with bell bottoms, bold patterns, and iconic hairstyles for a stylish throwback.

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