How to fix Eyelash extension that are too thick?

When you’re new to putting on eyelash extensions, it’s common to end up with lashes that are too thick or heavy. They might not feel right or look natural. But don’t worry, there are ways to fix it! In simple terms, you can trim the extensions if they’re too long, use a special glue remover to remove them gently or seek help from a professional if you’re unsure what to do. Remember, the goal is to have lashes that make you look good and feel comfortable, not ones that cause irritation or look overdone. Let’s go through how to fix eyelash extension that are too thick.

How can thick eyelash extensions be fixed?

Step 1:

Ask your expert for a fresh pair of lashes. If, after treatment, you feel that your lashes are overly long, ask the expert to shorten them. They might need to schedule a second appointment for you because applying eyelash extensions takes a couple of hours. Don’t be hesitant to request adjustments if your eyelashes don’t turn out exactly how you wanted them to. Request shorter lashes when you go in for your next appointment. If you realize that your lash extensions are overly lengthy as you go about your everyday routine, ask for shorter lashes. Remember to let the expert know that the lashes they implanted for you the last time didn’t work.

Tip: If you use spectacles, make sure your eyelashes are no longer than 12 millimeters long (1.2 cm).

Step 2:

Be descriptive with words and images when expressing the look you want to achieve with your eyelashes.

Consider the following statements: “A natural look is what I’m going for,” or “My friend uses lash extensions, and I really enjoy how they look.” For you to better understand what I mean, I’ve included a photo.

Step 3:

The third step is to insist that your expert remove your eyelash extensions. If you don’t like the way your lashes look or wish to stop wearing them, schedule an appointment with your lash specialist to get them removed. They will be able to finish the job fast, and they could even be willing to see you without an appointment.

Step 4:

In-home eyelash extensions that are too thick can be fixed with a feather cut. It’s a strategy for reducing the quantity of thick lashes by applying a certain cutting method. The thickness of lashes can be thinned out by simply smoothing them.

Step 5:

Think about feathering instead of the conventional eyelash extension trimming method, which only works to shorten them. A typical cutting technique may ruin the appearance of lash extensions when reducing their length.

Paying a visit to your lash stylist

At a lash salon, it’s possible that you had eyelash extensions added to your natural lashes. You can ask the stylist to fix it if you had too many eyelash extensions placed to your natural lashes, even if it wasn’t her mistake. Due to the stylist’s extensive training, she can trim or feather your overdone eyelash extensions.

Give them a week or two to fall

Eyelash extensions are temporary and eventually lose their effectiveness. When your natural lashes fall out and are replaced, the link between them and the growth of lashes is broken. You shed 15 to 21 lashes weekly on average. In other words, you would either lose more or the same amount if you had eyelash extensions.

How do you have thin, thick eyelash extensions?

There is a difference between thinning down eyelash extensions and shortening them. As a result, each of them is carried out using a different strategy. The feathering can be used to thin out lash extensions. However, normal cutting works fine to make them shorter.

How to fix thick eyelash extensions at home?

  • Look at the image of yourself in the mirror

If you’re not careful, trimming your lashes could be harmful. Your eyesight might suffer from even the smallest mistakes. Use bright light to make sure you can see what you’re doing clearly. The ideal eyelash tweezers are part of Innova’s line of eyelash extension tweezers. To prevent any mistakes, properly set up the mirror.

  • To the desired thickness, trim them.

You’ll need to trim down your artificial lashes once you realize they’re not perfect.

When you get a new set of fake lashes, you need to trim them if you have smaller eyes. As eyelash manufacturers create lashes to accommodate the majority of people. Clipping fake eyelashes is an easy way to get rid of them. 

Before you can make your fakes appear genuine or untrue, you are free to subject them to a number of quality and branching tests.

  • Carefully trim a few strands.

For cutting off long lashes that have grown out of control, use tiny lash scissors. It’s because it’s simple to cut your eyelashes too short, giving you an unpleasant appearance. Measure it over the lashes again to see whether it has been trimmed.

  • Eyelids too near to eyelash extensions

If you feel any discomfort, they might have applied the lashes wrongly. Some lash artists may apply lashes too closely to the eyelids. As a result, your eyelids would continuously be exposed by the extra lashes. Another problem is that the individual applying your eyelashes has no control over how much adhesive is used, which could result in your eyelashes sticking together.

After sleeping, how do you fix eyelash extensions?

Your eyelash extensions are put under additional stress if you sleep at odd angles. If you rest your arms or a pillow against them, you will feel this. Despite the fact that synthetic lashes are fairly flexible, this forces the extensions within.

For any lashes that have chosen to stand out on your lids, use a few strokes of the small brush to flatten them out.

If you don’t currently have one, you might want to think about getting one. If you maintain control over your natural lashes, fixing defective extensions will be simpler. Be mindful though, because your curl is starting to intensify.


Should you completely avoid lash extensions in light of these risks? Selecting the right salon is important.

Price is not the only factor to be taken into account. It all comes down to trusting your lashing specialist.

You could be experiencing pain because your eyelashes are already in place. Always have a qualified professional remove your eyelash extensions. So, I’m hoping you’ve figured out how to cure eyelash extensions that are overly thick.

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