Nail wraps are far less expensive than a professional manicure and may give you a polished, artistic manicure in just a few minutes. You might want to find out more about how to use these common nail ornaments if you want to give them a try. Making ensuring that your nails are prepared beforehand is crucial. You must also smooth the strips out and remove any extra material after you have applied them. Take some time to consider the appearance you want to achieve before deciding which strips to utilise. Read on to learn How to apply Nail wraps.

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Take off any nail paint

Before you apply your nail wraps, it is crucial to remove any previous nail polish. To remove your previous nail polish, use nail polish remover. You should wipe each of your nails with a small amount of nail polish remover even if you don’t have any nail polish on to make sure they are completely clean.

Cut and polish your nails

You must next cut your nails to the length you like. If they are already the desired length, all that is left to do is shape them using a nail file to even them out. Use a nail buffer to ensure that the tops of your nails are uniformly smooth. Your nails must have a very smooth surface if you want them to look good.

Before you put on the wraps, you might want to add a layer or two of strengthening topcoat to your nails if they are dry and brittle. Otherwise, your nails could be harmed by the adhesive.

Pick a piece that is the same width as your nails

To find the optimal placement for each strip, hold the strips up next to your nails. Choose a piece for each nail that will completely enclose it and align with the cuticle. You might not be able to find the ideal fit for every nail but try your hardest.

Using a hair dryer, slightly warm the strip

You will need to warm up some nail wraps with a hair dryer because some of them are heat activated. Turn on the warm setting on your hair dryer. Aim the hair dryer at one of your nail wraps after that. The nail wrap should be warmed for three to five seconds.

To your nails, apply the strip

Apply the nail wrap and smooth it out on your nail with a cuticle pusher. Make sure the nail strip is smooth and extends all the way to the edges of your nails. On both sides, they ought to be aligned with your cuticles.

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Reapply the hair dryer

Reheating the nail wraps will improve their ability to stick to your nails. Additionally, it will allow you to straighten out any kinks in the nail wraps. Hold each nail for three to five seconds under the hair dryer. After applying heat for a brief period of time, use a cotton swab or a cuticle pusher with an orange tip to smooth out any ridges.

Trim away any extra nail-strip material

The majority of people will have some extra material at the ends because the nail wraps are pretty long. To remove this extra material, use some nail clippers or some nail scissors. Because you will also be filing the ends, you do not have to cut it exactly along the nail; a small piece of nail wrap material may hang over. You might even find it simpler to trim some of the surplus strip material before applying the strips if you have particularly short nails.

Rough up the edges

The edges of the remaining superfluous nail strip material should then be filed away using a glass file or emery board. File your nails from the bottom up, not from the top. This will lessen the likelihood of jagged edges.

Spritz the strip with a clear coat of nail paint

Apply a layer of clear nail paint over the top of the nail wraps to complete your manicure with nail wraps. For an especially glossy appearance, you could even wish to add a couple of applications. The clear nail polish is optional, although skipping it could give the nail wraps a more matte appearance.

Girl trying artificial nails tips with flower nail design


For shorter nails, opt for a simple pattern

Any design is OK, but a larger design may not be as visible on shorter nails. As a result, you might want to stay with a modest pattern or anything with a recurring pattern, like stripes or polka dots. To determine how much of your nails the strips will cover, try holding several designs up to your nails.

Consider utilising a few various designs

Prints and elaborate designs are frequently found on nail wraps. However, you might choose a few distinct designs in complementary hues if you want to get an even more fascinating appearance.

Make sure to read the instructions on the packaging

For application and removal, different nail wrap brands have distinct requirements. Before applying or removing your nail wraps, always read the instructions on the packaging. Make sure you have everything you require to utilise the strips you buy. To use some strips, for instance, you might need a hairdryer, nail paint remover, and a cuticle pusher with an orange tip.

Here are some pointers for applying topcoat on wrapped nails:

  • Topcoat the edge of the nail wrap with a thin layer.
  • Let it dry completely before adding another topcoat layer.
  • Using a sponge or brush, cover the entire nail wrap with the final layer of polish. It will have an even finish and look more professional as a result of this.


Nail wraps are simple to remove. Depending on how you choose to accomplish it, there are a few different ways to take your nail wraps off.

1) You can soak your nails in hot water for around 10 minutes if you only use nail wraps and don’t use topcoat. This will weaken the adhesive and make it simpler to remove the nail wraps.

2) You could soak your nails in an acetone-based nail paint remover for around 10 minutes if you applied topcoat and wish to remove your nail wraps at home. This will weaken the adhesive and make it simpler to remove the nail wraps.

3) A specialised remover that contains acetone is often used in the salon if you wish to have your nail wraps removed. Your nails will be soaked in this solution for roughly 10 minutes before the bandage is removed as usual.

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