Long nails might make it challenging to participate in sports, especially if they are acrylic. When trying to bowl, acrylic nails may be difficult to handle because they can be highly fragile and readily break. It’s important to have a firm grip on the ball when bowling, but let’s look at how to bowl with long nails first. However, if you’re diligent with your bowling strategy, you can safeguard your acrylic nails while still having a great time bowling.

In this article we’ll discuss the challenges you could experience when bowling with acrylic and false nails. We’ll also discuss how to bowl with long nails and how to get past those issues and enjoy ourselves at the bowling alley.

So, let’s get started with this right away.

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Long nails can be attractive on the surface, but they also have a number of drawbacks. They may, for starters, make routine chores more challenging. When your nails are long, it can be difficult to type on a keyboard, open a soup can, or even tie your shoes. Long nails are also more likely than shorter nails to break and chip. Ingrown hairs are another possibility, which can be irritating and painful. Last but not least, having long nails increases the risk of infection since they can harbor dirt and bacteria. Take caution while deciding to let your nails grow out for all of these reasons.


Dealing with long nails can be challenging for a variety of activities. For instance, using a touch screen device or a keyboard can be challenging.

Additionally, putting on clothing—such as button-up shirts—and tying shoelaces might be challenging. Long nails can also make it challenging to clean the house and wash dishes.

Finally, having long nails can make it more challenging to perform sports like basketball or tennis. In conclusion, having long nails can make several tasks challenging. However, they can be controlled with a little forethought and work.

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You want to protect your nails while still having time to bowl with your friends and family. Fortunately for you, there are various solutions to this conundrum. Let’s examine five strategies for safely using acrylic nails while bowling.

  1. Using the Granny Bowling Method

The granny technique of bowling is without a doubt the best way to safeguard your nails while having a blast in the bowling alley. The number of strikes and spares you can get is more important than how hilarious you appear doing it.

Because you never handle the bowling ball with your fingertips when using the granny-style bowling technique, you can throw the ball without worrying about damaging your fingernails. For this type of play, you won’t even need tape or nail protector. But to get proficient at it, you’ll need to practice a little. So let’s look at how to bowl in the granny manner.

  • To begin with, grasp the bowling ball firmly in both of your hands.
  • Then, as this approach does not call for a long one, you will walk in the direction of the foul line and establish a position immediately behind it.
  • You’ll now spread your legs apart, budge your knees inside, and bring the ball between them.
  • The bowling ball will then be swung back and forth repeatedly until you get the proper speed and motion.
  • In order to knock the pins at the end of the lane, you will finally throw the bowling ball at a low angle.
  • The granny method is fairly frequent for getting strikes and spares, but you’ll need to get better at it. It may appear to be very simple to use, yet it may be difficult to obtain.
  1. Using nail polish to conceal fake nails

If you prefer to play properly and are not a fan of the granny technique, you should use nail protection solutions to prevent your nails from breaking while you are bowling. A set of nail protectors is one of the greatest and most popular solutions for shielding your nails from sports like bowling and other hobbies. If you want to protect your nails, these are fantastic. If you’re wondering exactly how nail protectors operate, they are to be worn over your fingertips so that they fit securely on your fingers.

Once these nail guards have protected your nails from any direct touch, you can bowl normally and even put your fingers into the finger holes. You can select from a wide variety of nail protection types and brands. It would be beneficial if you made sure that these nail guards fit snugly and comfortably on your fingertips.

  1. Using bowling tape

If you have long acrylic nails and are still on the fence regarding the nail protector set, you have another great piece of equipment at your disposal. The name of this item is bowling tape. Bowling tape is often just applied on the thumb to prevent it from bending or twisting as the bowler throws the bowling ball.

However, if you want to prevent your fingernails from rupturing or breaking, you can use bowling tape. Apply the bowling tape all the way around your fingertips, and you’re good to go. When you play bowling with your friends, family, or other loved ones, the bowling tape will help provide a wonderful layer of protection around your fingernails, protecting them from any direct touch or breaking caused by any improper handling of the bowling ball.

  1. Wearing Finger Cots

There is still another protection tool you can use for your fake nails if bowling tape doesn’t seem comfy enough for you to try it out and bowl with your loved ones. Finger cots are fingerless gloves with lengthy nails. They are composed of cotton fabric, which makes them wonderfully soft but also excellent at protecting your fingertips. What they excel at is acting as a soft barrier around your long nails, preventing direct contact with the bowling ball and ensuring their safety at all times.

They are significantly less expensive than the other solutions. It is one of the best instruments you can employ to prevent shredding or breaking of your acrylic nails.

  1. Use of bowling ramps

But there is a machine that can help you if you are still unsure about using any tool on your acrylic nails at all and you want to knock those pins out at the end of the lane. Bowling ramps are slanted slides for bowling balls that let you set them at a specific angle and throw the bowling ball without using force or coming into contact with it directly.

Small children and elderly persons with impairments are the main users of these ramps because they wish to enjoy bowling to the fullest without overstriking the bowling ball. You should take the bowling ball, request a bowling ramp, set the ball on top of the ramp, and then slide it downward such that it hits the pins and knocks them out. This will be fascinating, entertaining, and risk-free for your long nails all at once.

The best course of action is to take the bowling ball, request a bowling ramp, set the ball on top of the ramp, and slide it downward until it contacts the pins and knocks them down. This will be fascinating, entertaining, and risk-free for your long nails all at once.


Even if you have acrylic, artificial, or naturally long nails, you can still enjoy yourself bowling. You have the same right as anyone else to go bowling. To prevent your nails from breaking or the paint from peeling off, you must be cautious in how you bowl. By using the methods described above, you can bowl while maintaining the health of your nails. I’m hoping this article was very informative for you and that your bowling experience will be enjoyable.

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